review, fo2 mining platform legit or scam? (see more) review, fo2 mining platform legit or scam?

A legit way to make money online is what everyone needs, Fo2 is an investment platform in which anyone from any country can join and create an account to start mining.
According to the platform, fo2 is like a crypto coin, just like bitcoin, usdt and Eth.

So as a user of the platform, you can mine the fo2 coins, convert to usdt and withdraw to your usdt trc20 wallet address.
How can we trust this platform? This is a platform that claims users could earn up to 20.83 fo2 coin which is equal 23.8 usdt daily. 

Invest 10.00 fo2 coins which is 11.9 usdt to earn daily profits of 1.71 fo2 coins. 

Invest 100.00 fo2 which is equal 118 usdt to earn daily profits of 6.00 fo2 coins. 

Invest 500.00 fo2 to earn daily profits of 20.83 fo2 valid for 60 days. 

Like said earlier, a safe investment platform is what everyone are looking for, but how do we really know which platform is safe? There are many platforms claiming to be real but after some days they vanish. 
How can we know if this platform has come to stay and not a ponzi scheme? 

Things you should consider. 

We can't tell this platform is safe because there've been many platforms like this and where are they today? 
Were you looking for a safe and legit platform to invest your usdt?
Other things you might want to ask. 

Is Fo2 coins among the crypto coins?

This is a great question to ask, we've never heard of fo2 coins before, in other ways it might exist, but honestly we don't think such coin really exists. 

How to join this platform.

To join this platform you will have to type in to your browser this web address. once reached the site, sign up by filling out the required details and login, it easy. 

How to withdraw from the platform. 

To withdraw from this platform, login to your account and click on home, scroll down and click on Extract button, from there you can bind your usdt trc20 wallet address where you want your earnings to go to. 

Is this platform still paying? 

Sure, for now the platform is paying, and you can get paid when you deposit and invest to reach the minimum threshold. 

How to make a deposit to this platform. 

To make a deposit, login to your account and click on homepage, scroll down and click on charging. Once you've entered, copy the given address by following the instructions and go to make the transfer accordingly and within the specified period. 

Is this platform scam? And when is it going to crash? 

We have no right to place the word "scam" on this platform, this is a ponzi scheme investment platform and you invest at your own risk.
We can not tell when the platform will crash since we can't read the owner of this platform's mind.
You can take a risk to make money because ponzi scheme is like football betting.
If you're not ready to loss your money then it's advisable you keep your money one place to avoid regrets. 

How can I join the Fo2 chat group?

To join the chat group of this platform, if you have telegram app installed on your device, login and search for fo2 and jump a space, more results will be displayed, and then you can select your desired.
You can easily find the group on telegram.

When was this platform created? 

The domain name of this platform known as  was created on the 21st December 2022.

Platform logo.