Future retail review, future retail investment legit or scam? (see more)

Future retail review, future retail investment legit or scam?

Future retail is an investment platform that claim to allow it users earn upto 82,500 naira daily, as investment profits.
According to the platform, the higher you invest, the higher your daily income.

Is this app legit or another scam? How can we trust it?

Invest ₦500,000 to earn upto ₦82,500 daily profit for 150 days. 

Invest ₦140,000 to earn ₦15,000 as daily profit for 105 day. 

Invest ₦75,000 to earn daily profit of  ₦6,000 for 75 days. 
And many others.

The daily earnings from this app seems too high, so for this reason the app is not to be trusted.
Were you looking for a reliable investment platform to invest your money peacefully and earn profits? Are you sure this app called future retail is what you have been looking for?
Before taking a step to make a deposit to this app, you should first look at the following in order not to regret.

1: High daily investment profits./b>

Claiming to pay users up to 82,500 naira daily is what makes this app not to be trusted and anyone who decides to use the app should be ready to earn big and at the same time be ready to face the bitter part of it. 

Is this app legit or scam? 

Although this app may pay users, but does that make it legit? 
We have no right to place the word "scam" on this app. 
Investing with this app is at your own risk and no one will help you recover in case of anything. 
If you think the app is safe then it's advisable to invest wisely and what you can afford to lose. 

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