How to become a successful yahoo boy (scammer) (see more)

How to become a successful yahoo boy (scammer).

Introduction to yahoo boy - (scammer).

It's no secret that the internet can be a breeding ground for scammers and fraudsters. Among the most prevalent forms of online deception is the "yahoo boy" scammer, which involves using dating sites, apps, and other platforms to trick unsuspecting individuals into giving up their personal information or money.

But who exactly are the yahoo Boys? and how do they operates? Essentially, a yahoo boy is an internet swindler who uses various tactics to con people out of their money. 

One of the most common ways they do this is through dating sites and apps, where they create fake profiles and pretend to be interested in a romantic relationship in order to gain the trust of their victims.

Once they've established a relationship, the yahoo boy will begin to ask for small amounts of money, often under the guise that they need it for a personal emergency or to cover travel expenses to meet the victim in person.

 However, these requests will continue to increase until the victim is left with empty pockets and no way to recover their lost funds.

Another format they uses is to impersonate a government official or representative of a bank, or other financial institution and using the guise of help to steal the victim's information or money.

It's important to remember that these scams are not limited to dating sites and apps, and can happen on any platform where personal information is shared. That's why it's crucial to be vigilant and protect your internet identity by being cautious of unsolicited requests for personal information or money and not giving in to pressure to send money quickly.

In conclusion, being aware of the tactics used by yahoo boys is the first step in protecting yourself from falling victim to their deceitful schemes. Remember to always be cautious of unsolicited requests for personal information or money and never give in to pressure to send money quickly. With the right knowledge, you can keep your internet identity safe and stay one step ahead of these internet swindlers.

How to start yahoo - yahoo business - (scamming business). 

To become a successful yahoo boy, you need some tools to start business, have in mind that this is business, and you can do it to earn real cash within a short period of time, am going to list out some important ways and tools, and make sure that all are to your understanding. 

You may be seeing boys wearing big dresses and claiming big, spreading monies from here to there with no physical job doing. Have in mind that most of them are into yahoo (scamming) business and already they have seen real cash in the business so they can't stop doing because it pays. 

To become a successful yahoo boy, you will need the following tools to start business immediately in order to cash out quick like others. 

1: Good smartphone. 

This is one of the requirements to start scamming business, you can not want to start this business with a phone that can not last up to one hour online, it would be so shameful if someone is about falling for you then your phone immediately went off. 

What type of phone are you using? You need a phone with good back and front camera that sees clearly and not a poor camera phone. 

Have in mind that there are some scamming tactics that will require making videos and snapping pictures to make people fall for you. Using a poor smartphone that can not see clearly could make you a suspect. 
You need at least a 4G connection phone to boost your sending speed before the person that is about to fall and send cash to you changes mind. 

2: Good internet connection. 

This is one of the tools every yahoo Boys (scammer) needs to have, in this business, internet connection is the number one. You need a better-style internet data to keep you connected online while looking for who to chat up. 

Like said earlier, a 4G phone is highly recommended, and as well, a 4G sim card to make your connection stable. 
You need a strong internet connection to send and receive messages quick before your prey changes mind. 

3: Good laptop or computer.

Pro yahoo Boys who are cashing out today do not really make use of smartphone for business. Though smartphone has it own important part, but using a computer for this hustle could be the best.

4: Typing speed.

This is another of the important things that every yahoo boy needs to have, can you type faster than your client? You need to be as smart as anything in typing to win the trust of your clients. Listen, this is business and you need to develop a strong typing skills. 

With your typing speed, you will be able to convince your clients before they even get to realize what's really going on, hey, before you think to become a successful yahoo boy or girl, you need to train your typing skills. 

5: Good grammar. 

In this business, one of the number one requirement to become a successful yahoo boy is good grammar. 
This is because you are going to claim to your clients that you are an expert, a well trained in the business even if you are not, and you are not really located in the same country. 

This is very important, because your grammar will definitely tell your clients about you and as well, shows your status to him or her. 

Have in mind that a good grammar is highly required in this business because you are not going to be scamming kids but real big men who have enough cash in the wallet to send you. So if you fail grammatically, you might definitely fail in all because your clients might start suspecting you to be a scammer. 

How can you improve your grammar skills? 

This will not only help you to expand your vocabulary but also improve your grammar and sentence structure. In addition, reading will also give you a better understanding of different writing styles and techniques, which can be applied to your own writing.

Another important aspect of communication is being able to effectively convey your message. This means being able to clearly and concisely express your thoughts and ideas. To improve this skill, try to practice summarizing information in a clear and concise manner. This can be done by reading articles or news articles and then summarizing the main points in your own words.

Listening is also an important part of communication. As a Yahoo boy or girl, it is essential to be able to listen to and understand the needs and concerns of your clients. To improve your listening skills, try to actively listen to others when they speak and ask questions to clarify any points that you may not understand.

In addition, it is important to be able to communicate effectively in a professional setting. This means being able to write professional emails and messages that are clear, concise and free of errors. To improve this skill, try to proofread your emails and messages before sending them, and if possible, have someone to review them as well.

Another key aspect of communication is being able to adapt your communication style to different people and situations. This means being able to adjust your tone, language, and approach depending on the situation and the person you are communicating with. To improve this skill, try to practice communicating with people from different backgrounds and cultures, and observe how they communicate.

Overall, improving your communication skills as a Yahoo boy or girl is essential to achieving success. By reading widely, practicing summarizing and listening actively, communicating effectively in a professional setting and adapting to different people and situations, you can become a more effective communicator and achieve success in your endeavors.

6: Capital to start business. 

I can never exclude this, it is very important in every business no matter what, have in mind that most of the tips here will be quite different from others you have gotten elsewhere.

So capital is highly required except you want to be a poor scammer (yahoo boy/girl). 
How much have you gotten already? To become a professional scammer, you need at least $150 to $500 (₦150,000 to ₦250,000) to begin business. 

Were you learning scamming business somewhere and told it doesn’t require any capital to start? 
No, that's not the fact, but it depends on the type you want to start with. 
If you were told that yahoo scamming doesn't requires any capital, so how about buying data to stay connected online while looking for your prey?
Get yourself a good amounts of money and get ready to start confirmed business that will fetch you millions of money daily. 

Tactics to start earning cool cash as a professional yahoo boy ( scammer). 

After gathering all your necessary tools to start your scamming business, now it's time you become professional and earn cash up to millions of dollars. 

Note: am not here to teach or give you all those cheap idea or scamming tricks others are using, these tips am going to give, are going to make you a millionaire within one year in business. 

Am not here to drop tips that would even make you poorer than before, these tips is going to make you blow and hammer within a year, that would even make other people jealous of you and wonder where you got all your money from. 

1: Start your own investment platform. 

Hey, this might seems ridiculous to you, but I guarantee you that there is no other yahoo format that will fetch you millions than this. 
Creating your own personal scam investment platform is one of the best yahoo tactics to make you a millionaire within five months of a year. 

All other yahoo scamming format are as cheap as anything, creating your own investment platform, and getting millions of people to invest, is the only way to become a successful scammer of the year and can even cause you to think of flying out of the country because the amount of money you will get will definitely make you to see everyone else as poor. 

How do I get started? 

Getting started is as easy, firstly you need a website and app developer to help design a unique and perfect investment platform for you. 

Like I said Earlier, this is the only yahoo scamming format that will drive massive money to you unexpectedly and beyond your expectations. 
Am giving this idea out freely, because I know many really needs it. 

Setting up your investment platform is one of the coolest way to earn cash as a professional yahoo boy scammer who really wants to succeed in the business. 
There is no other scamming tactics that will fetch you high income than this except you want to get involved into money rituals. 
This is a great idea to illegally earn money online in which many yahoo boys do not know, but this will require some capital to get started. 

• you will pay your website and app developers to develop a unique platform that will convince your investors to make them invest millions. 

After setting up your investment platform, what next? 

After setting up your investment platform, it's time you find partners and promoters. This is very important, you need people to help you promote your investment platform everywhere on social media, whatsApp group, Telegram group and other places. 

Not only that, running a Facebook ads for your investment platform is one of the recommended way to promote your platform. You need to run your business fast and quickly to make it known to millions of people who like to invest. 
Promoting your platform is number one or else you might end up losing money. 

Other way to promote your investment platform is through referral program. You can offer affiliate program to your investors, telling them to refer others and earn big. Note: am giving you this idea from my high experience and it's sure to work. 

After getting many investors, what next? 

Most of these ideas are what others would not tell you, but this idea really goes to people who have enough capital to start. 

After you have gotten enough people who are investing to your platform, and you very well know that you have earned your capital and profits, then it's time you shut down the platform without caring about your investors. 

Note: while the platform is still up and running, you must pay others in order to get others too, once others sees others getting paid they will definitely want to join as well because no one wants to be poor in life. 

This is a great scamming idea in which most of the top yahoo Boys are using to make money, but they would not tell you. 

2: Create your own trading platform and get your trading app launched on Google play store. 

Hey, am sharing good tips to you, because it's sure that you really need to make money in life, these tips here are from my high experience and it's sure to work for you. 

Creating your own trading app or website is a sure way to earn fast millions as a Yahoo boy - (scammer) who wants to become professional and earn fast money with no time wasted. 

Hey, this tips really works, am a review blogger who writes reviews, so I very well know that many people uses trading apps to scam people. 

Do you know that many people really believe in trading? they believe that trading is the only legitimate way to make money online. 

Take a look at octafx, exness trading app, and many other apps. Note: am not saying those apps are scam, but am trying to make it clear to you that you can use trading apps to get many people scammed. 

How do I get started? 

Getting started is as easy, you need a little capital to pay your app or web developer, let your developers set up the app in a way that will make it so hard for your traders to earn profits, Meaning that they will always lose money to the app. 
This is one of the sure way to illegally earn fast money online. 

By creating a trading app like what am here explaining, you could become a millionaire in no time, because for some people, despite the fact that they are losing money to the app, they will still keep on making deposits to it until their eyes get to open that the app is scamming them. 

Note: you should also make some of your app traders earn profits in order to recommend the app to others. 

How will I be promoting my trading app? 

Adsterra ads. 

Adsterra is one of the best way to run a campaign for your trading app to reach out to many people worldwide. 
Reach out to adsterra by clicking here... 
Once gotten, sign up as an advertiser and set up the necessary steps to start running your campaign. 

Running Facebook ads. 

This is one of the way to get many people to discover your app, running Facebook ads, leading people to where they can download your app and start using. 

Offer referral program. 

This is one better way to drive massive traffic to your app or website, know that many people really like referring others, as far as you're giving out better referral commissions, then just forget while watching your app growing with enough daily users. 

3: Develop a banking website. 

Hey, it's sure that this tip really works from my experience, developing a bank website is a sure way to earn money as a Yahoo boy. 

We have gotten many ideas to become a real time scammer on the internet. 
A banking website is one sure way to collect money from people without going up and down looking for a prey. 

How does this work? 

This tactic is really paying almost up to 70% sure. 
Firstly, to get started you need a real website developer, this has nothing to do with app, only website is required. 
You need a professional website developer to help you design a unique website that looks like other banking websites or apps. 

When done, claim like your website is yet to be launched fully (pre-launch). Offer high referral commissions, allowing users to refer and earn. 
Once you have gotten millions of people who have registered with your site and many people have already gotten much money in their wallet. 
You can then request that they pay to get their account pin in order for them to use and withdraw their funds they earned through referrals. 

You might decide to make the pin price accordingly with the amount of money user get in the wallet. 

Like said earlier, offer high referral commissions and also high new user welcome rewards. because once they see high earnings in their wallet, they will be convinced to pay for the pin. 

Note: you might decide to tell them that the pin will be sent to their email address after successful payment, meanwhile it is never going to be sent. 

Continuing like this is a confirmed sure way to earn fast money, and you can decide to shut down the website after you have make enough money from the website. 

How to promote your website. 

Referral program. 

This is one way you can promote websites like this. 
Because you need many people to register with your site, so you need to offer high referral commissions that will attract your current users to start inviting others to join. 

 Facebook ads. 

Running Facebook ads is one fast way to reach out to large numbers of people daily. There are millions of active Facebook users, so by running ads on Facebook, you can easily connect millions of people to your website. 

4: pretending to be an expert forex trader. 

This is one recommended tactic to use, this tactic can easily fetch you real cash more than other cheap tactics boys are using, if you apply a better skill. 

You know many people really see forex trading as one best and reliable source to make money online, but trading seems difficult and as well, risky. 
So in a situation like this, many people will really appreciate if the get to find someone who will help them become successful forex trader. 
So by pretending to be an expert trader could be one easy way to get many people scammed. 
But this tactic will require a little trading experience from you in order to convince your clients. 

Requirements to get started. 

Trading experience. 

Like said earlier, at least a little trading experience is highly required to start using this format. 
You need at least a little experience to use and prove to your clients that you are an expert in business, or if you will be able to generate fake screenshots somewhere, then it would be fine. 

Chat group. 

To start using this tactic, you need to create a chat group for yourself and start bringing people in, whether it be Telegram group or Whatsapp group. 
Giving your group a name that represents what it's all about could be cool. 

Start offering free teaching, explaining how trading works and proving to them with screenshots of how much you have earned so far all with your withdrawal proves. 

You can prove to them with the current trading platform you're using whether it be octafx, deriv or exness. 

Note: you're going to claim that you are an expert in the business, that was why I said Earlier that you need a little experience so that you will be able to provide your group members a little prove that you are good and perfect in business. 

You can even convince them with little screen recording videos, and also offering a little teaching to them in order to gain their trust. 

Once you have gained most of their trust, convince them with words like "trading is risky and it is never for kids". That as an expert trader and an admin of the group, you will help them take their risk by trading for them freely. You need some agents in the group to back you up, by claiming to be people who you have helped before. 

You will be surprised to see some people messaging you for help, hey, immediately anyone send money to you, be sure to kick him or her out of your group before they spoil business for you. 

There are many other tactics that relate to this very topic of trading, but creating a chat group is highly recommended. 

How can you promote your chat group? 

Through Facebook groups

Have in mind that it is not all groups you are going to bounce to, you need to find and join some of the investment platform groups or groups like (how to earn money online). This is because people in groups like these have high experience in online businesses. Although it might be little hard for people like these to get scammed because they have passed through enough already. 
To promote your posts in Facebook groups, avoid dropping links in comments section to avoid getting banned from Facebook. Create your normal post and share. 

Through Facebook page ads. 

This will cost you little amounts of money. But to become professional, using Facebook ads is highly recommended because this is the sure way to bring many people to your group or channel worldwide. 

Facebook ads will definitely fetch you real people who will easily fall for your tricks. 
You need to spend money to get money. 

Other things to know. 

Dangers of becoming a yahoo boy (Scammer). 

Carrying people's curses and tears. 

I will never exclude this part, are you planning to start scamming your fellow? Do you care about how they got to have the little amount of money you want to ripped them off? 
Do you care about how they will cry tirelessly and helplessly? 

You need to have all these in mind so as not to regret in the future of your life or generation, because God will never allow the tears of those you got scammed to dry. 

Attacked by Efcc. 

Efcc - The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is a Nigerian law enforcement agency that investigates financial crimes such as advance fee fraud and money laundering. 

As a successful yahoo boy scammer, have in mind that once the money in your account grows bigger than your real age, you will definitely be suspected. 

So, there might be no enough peace for you. 
Have in mind that these information on this page is only for educational purposes, taking any information of this page to action is highly at your own risk and we will never be responsible for anything caused. 

Becoming an internet fraudster is a crime that goes against the law, and at the same time, be ready to face the consequences as we would not be responsible. 
 We recommend checking this page often to see if there be any updates, we will keep on updating this page with cool tips to become a real time scammer who earns in dollar.