I-invest app review, see if I invest app is legit or scam (see more)

I-invest app review, see if I invest app is legit or scam.

I-invest is a Nigerian investment and saving app that allow users to save and invest money for future use.

Are you planning to use this app? We didn't find anything to use against it in any way, meaning that the app is legit. This app is not to be afraid of, if you are still finding it hard to believe, kindly take a look at the following reasons why we say it safe. 

1: exist for over four years. 

This app has gone beyond the level of being called scam, for more than 6 years the app has been of great ways of saving and investing money to many people across Nigeria.

This app was released on the 23rd of March 2018. 
It's really safe if you're planning to start using it. 

Other things you might want to ask:

1: Is it safe to bind my bank card details to the app?

For now we could say yes, you should have these in mind: binding your bank debit card to the app will expose your account pin and everything that can access the app agent to your account. You should do it only if you trust the app. 

2:Is it safe to bind my Bvn to the app?

Binding your bank verification numbers to the app will expose your true identity to the app management but can never give them access to funds in your account. 
This app is safe for users for now, so adding your Bvn to it should be safe as well. 

How can I start my saving journey with this app and increase my revenue? 

In every business there is always profits, saving money on this app is made easy. 
You can start your savings and watch your money grow after some years. 

After successfully setting up your account. To start your saving is to fund your wallet, after funding your wallet either through bank transfer or debit card. The remaining is to click to choose your preferred investment or saving plan. 

What happens if I get scammed by this app? 

Like said earlier, this app is not a scam app, have in mind that we're not the promoters of this app, as well as we do not have any business with it.
It's our duty to keep you safe online. If this app is scam, we would have find a way or the other to tell you from the beginning.

How can I know if my personal informations, like bank debit card, Bvn and other kyc documents are secured with this app?

I-invest is a matured company in Nigeria, we believe your personal informations is safe with their app. 
Your personal informations are only seen by you and your account manager.
Have in mind that it's not compulsory to expose your personal details to the app if you do not want to trust it. 
Try to protect your privacy online.

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