Icredit loan app Review, Icredit legit or scam? (see more)

Icredit loan app Review, Icredit legit or scam?

Icredit is marked as a legit loan app and not scam.
Icredit is marked as one of the best app to get loan in Nigeria.
A reliable loan app is what everyone are looking for, though this app may not be able to satisfy your needs in one way or the other but honestly we didn't find anything to use against this app. 

Despite the fact that the app is safe, but there are certain things you need to consider before making a decision of taking loan from this app or before binding your bank card details to the app.

There are many scam apps nowadays intending to devour, and if not careful you may fall victim.
There're many loan apps launching nowadays, but how can we identify the best and secured one?
To confirm if this app is safe, below are things you should be aware of in order not to make a wrong decision that might cause you to regret at the end of the day.

1: poor customer support service. 

Planning to get loan from this app? Are you aware it support service is not reliable? How about if you encounter any problem while using their app?
This is something so important to have in mind.
According to many users, the customer support service of this app are not user-friendly and may not reply any of your messages. 
That simply explains that if you encounter any problem on the app, it's you who will take care of yourself alone and there will be no expert to support you in any way.
Sending messages to the customer support of this app is like a real time waster as they may just catch fun enjoy reading your messages without giving you any reply to comfort you.
Isn't that annoying? This is the main thing you should know about in order not to shed tears.

2: High interest rate. 

To many the interest rates may seems normal, but to you, will it be okay for you?
You might collect a loan of 40,000 naira to pay back 44,800 to almost 50,000 in just one month or less.
According to the app, the interest rate is from 0.4% daily which is approximately 12% in a month.
But according to users, the interest rate seems to be random. 
This app is not reliable Because some interest rates doesn't match with what's written on the app.
You might collect a loan of 40k to pay back 50+ within a short period of time.
You should have this in mind before deciding to partner with this app. 

Is this app legit or scam? 

Like said earlier, Icredit is marked as one of the legit app in Nigeria as no one has been reportedly scammed.
We are not the promoters of this app and do not have any business with it, the same as we are not here to deceive our readers. 
If this app is scam, we would have find a way or the other to tell you. But since we haven't seen anything to use against the app, we can't tell you the app is scam.

Other things you should know about.

1: Is It safe to bind my bvn to this app?

Binding your Bank Verification Number (BVN) to the app does not add any effect to your bank account.
BVN cannot give them access to withdraw funds from your bank account. 
The only thing bvn enables them to do is seeing and confirming your account informations like, your real name, your location your face photo and the rest, just to confirm who they're doing business with.

2: Is it safe to bind my bank card to the app?

In as much as we know Icredit is not a fraud platform, but it's a little bit dangerous to expose your card details to them. 
Binding your card details to the app will give Icredit full access to your bank account, both your card pin, your signature and will fully enables them to take money from your bank account if you default them. 
But as we very well know, Icredit has been in existence for more than 2 years and the user's trust for them is higher, showing how reliable they're, so for this reason, we believe Icredit will not put hand to touch your money, that's if you don't default. If they do, you can quickly report them to higher financial institutions like (central bank of Nigeria) CBN which might cause a big problem to their business. 

What happens If I collect loans from Icredit and refuses to pay back?

Refusing to pay back your loan is a crime. Know that before these people give loan to you they first of all requested for your personal details.
Meaning that they know much about you already and they may use your personal information and find a way of taking action against you.
Not only that, defaulting them may cause them to report you to higher authority, which might thereafter affect you from collecting loans from other financial institutions in the future.
So it's advisable you repay your loans on time because the more you keep owing, the more your amounts to pay back increases.

App info. 

Name: Icredit 
Released date: 22nd December 2020.

App logo: