Imoney loan app review, is Imoney legit or scam (see more)

Imoney loan app review, is Imoney legit or scam

Planning to start using this app? Or you're already a user? You need to carefully find out everything that have to do with this app before using.

There are many loan apps launching nowadays, how can we know the best ones? But you really need to know that it's not all loan apps that are really loan apps. Most of them are really after your personal informations, to use in finding one way or the other to defraud users.

What are you here expecting to hear from us? Is Imoney app safe for you to use?
We can not count this app to be legit for users. There are many things that goes wrong with the app, and it really needs serious attention.

This is the app that claims to be legit, claiming to be disbursing loans to users within a short period of time. But how can we trust all the informations about this app?
To fully confirm why we can't mark this app as a legit app, kindly take a look at the following.

1: Poor customer support service. 

Before taking a step to use this app, have it in mind that the customer support service of this app is not reliable. Sending emails to their provided email address is just like doing nothing as there will be no one to respond to your requests.

2: paid for good reviews. 

This app is not to be trusted for now. We discovered that this app got many people paid to rate it with positive reviews in order to gain the trust of new users.
This is very important to have in mind so as not to be deceived. 
You might have found this app somewhere scoring high positive reviews from users, have in mind that most of the positive reviews are paid ones.

Not giving loans to users. 

We haven't seen any prove that this app is giving out loans, according to many users, the app will just collect your personal details and deny you loan. Sometimes you may apply and wait for more than a month still no approval.

Other things you may want to ask:

1: I gave out my bvn to this app, am I safe? 

Your bvn can only access the app agents to verify your informations, like your legal name, your address, your age, and other personal information that connects with your bank account. 
So your bvn can not access them to withdraw funds from your bank account.
But it's advisable to always keep your bvn secured because it can still be used against anyone in one way or the other.

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