Instahela loan app Review, is Instahela loan app safe

Instahela is a Nigerian loan app that claims to disburse loans to users within a very short period of time.
How can we trust this app?
The user's trust for this app is too low and for this reason the app is not to be trusted.

Planning to get loan from this app? How do you think it's safe for you?
Before even thinking of getting loans from this app you should consider the following things to avoid regrets.

1: May not send the exact amount of loan as applied for.

Using this app is little bit risky, many users reported this app as an app that is not to be relied on. You may apply for a ₦12,000 loan only for the app to disburse ₦7,000 to you and request you pay complete ₦12,000 back on due date even with it interest.
This informations were confirmed from many users.
For this reason, we can't recommend this app.
This is what you should consider before using this app because it happens to many people and you may become one of the victims.

2: poor customer support service. 

The customer service of this app are only active when it's time to get back their loans from users.
That's when you can get messages from them.
This app is not a reliable app because it customer support service is not available or active.
That simply means if you encounter any problem while using the app, it's only you who will face and solve the problem yourself as there will be no app expert to support you.
Before using this app, you really need to have all these in mind to avoid regrets.

Is it safe to bind my bank card to this app?

Binding your bank account card to this app will give the app agents full power to charge money from your account if you default, as a repossession, for not repaying your loan. 
Exception of that, do you trust this loan app as a legally registered loan app that won't put hand to hurt your account illegally? 
You may do this with other loan apps but should not be this one. 
If you think the loan app is legal then go ahead as only you will be responsible for anything that would happen. 

What happens next if I borrow loan from this app and refuses to pay back? 

That's an illegal activity, it goes against the law and the loan agents reserve the right to take any action against anyone who owe them. 

Below are possible things that would happen if you refuse to pay back your debts. 

1: Sending threatening messages to all your contacts. 
Know that before this app gives you any loan it will first of all request for your, location, to upload all contact from your device, your bvn. 
And through your bvn they know all information about you both with face photos. 

If you refuses to pay back that which you owe them, they may start sending messages to all your contacts. And from there your secrets exposed to the public which could cause a big shame, because many of your contacts will start calling you to pay your debts in order for them to stop receiving threatening messages from the loan service. 

Not only that, they may even report you to higher authority which may cause other problem to your bank account and may affect you from receiving loans from other financial institutions.
So you must pay back your loans on time for peace.

Who can join this app? 

Only Nigerians, it might result to a waste of mobile data if you're not a Nigerian but download this app. 
And at least 18+

App info:

Name: Instahela 

App logo: