Lendigo loan App review, is Lendigo app legit or scam (see more)

Lendigo loan App review, is Lendigo app legit or scam.

Lendigo is a Nigerian loan app that claims to give loans to users at a very low rate.
Are you planning to start using this loan app? If so, then we'd like to tell you that this app is not scam, however, there are certain things you still need to consider about it before going deeper to avoid regretting.

1: 100 naira card binding fee.

This is one important thing to have in mind because many users have already fallen victim of 100 naira charged from their debit card, as a fee to connect the card with the Lendigo app.
Will you be happy to have this done to you?
But the 100 naira fee is not even the big deal, the worst part of it is that you might got charged the fee and at the end still deny to grant loans to you.
This is something to have in mind so as not to end up regretting like others.

After charging 100 naira card binding fee and refuses to grant me loan access, how would I be able to recover back my 100 naira?

Sad to say; there is no possibility in getting back your 100 naira after being charged.
Once you are charged, it's over, whether you be denied loan or not, you can not get back the 100 naira.

Is this app giving loans for sure?

Yes, we were able to confirmed this, users can access loans only if they're eligible for it, after setting up your account and filling out all required informations and apply for loan, if you are eligible then it will be granted.

Is this app scam?

We can not say this loan app is scam because there was no valid information found to use against it, but in a situation where you encounter things similar to scam while using the app, you should not hold us responsible because many apps nowadays have different tricks of scamming users. But for this very app, we didn't find any valid information to use and say it is a scam app.

Is it safe to give out my BVN to this app?

Giving out your bank verification numbers to this app really means nothing, and it can never add any effect to your bank account.
What are BVN used for?  Your Bank verification Numbers (BVN) will expose your true identity to this app agents, do you care about your privacy and do not want to expose it to others? Then there is no need of using this app If you do not want to share your personal information with the app agents. however, it is always advisable to keep your bank verification numbers safe because it can still be used against you in one way or the other. 

Is it secured to bind my bank card with this app?

Binding your bank card with this app is highly at your own risk, the bank card you connect to this app will enable the app agents access to withdraw funds from your account if you default as a possession of that which you owe.

 Have in mind that we can not guarantee you any form of safety in binding your bank card to the app, so in a situation like this, you should be ready to take the risk alone.

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