Metroopinion review, is Metroopinion real or scam? (see more)

If you have been looking for an extra way of earning money online, here is Metroopinion, a platform that claims you can earn up to $3 per Survey. However I can't doubt such a claim, but the main question here is, is it legit or scam? And even if it's legit, you need to know if the rewards it offers per survey are worth your time or not.

And let me just reveal this to you right away that Metroopinion is the worst survey panel I have ever come across in my life.

So far I have reviewed many survey sites and apps and I can tell the number of fake ones out there. No one would ever want to get scammed, but you should not worry about being scammed because at the end of this review you will find one or two things to help you make an informed decision whether to move on with Metroopinion or not. 
To help you discover and understand how this platform really works, let me first of all point out all the available ways you can make money from it. So, stay connected while I help you discover more:

Ways to make money from Metroopinion:

 1: Participating in surveys:

If you have been looking for an opportunity to make some extra cash online in your free time, here is Metroopinion, a survey panel that promise to reward participants up to $5 per survey.

When you become a member of Metroopinion. The only way you will earn from it is through surveys. The platform only offer Surveys. The worst part of this platform is that is does not even have a referral program. And, let me just remind you right away that to get surveys is not easy in anyway. It can take you long and even forever to find a survey you can complete on this platform.

When login to your account, you can just click on the survey section to see if there is any survey available. If there is any, you can click to proceed. But if there are none then you can just decide to find your way out of their site or app. When you sign up to become a member, you have to verify your email address, this way, you will receive email invitation to participate in surveys anytime survey is available. However, you can still continue to login to either the site or app to see if there is any, that's if you are really interested in this platform.

But as a new user, the only survey you will find when you login is your profile survey which can take you more than 30 minutes to complete, its cover a lots of topics as you can see in the picture above. In case you get too excited, keep in mind that you will not receive any reward for completing this profile survey. There are many survey sites out there, offering reasonable amounts of rewards to users, most of them will pay you for completing your profile survey unlike Metroopinion. So, what is that very thing that makes this Metroopinion looks attractive?

How much can you make from Metroopinion?

When it comes to surveys sites, managing your expectations should always be the number one. I mentioned earlier about how this platform claims to pay up to $3 per Survey. However, this information is true, you can expect to earn up to $.50 and above per survey. 
And let me just reveal this to you: To find a survey that offer up to $3 is not easy, and you might not even find one. So don't expect this. 

I can't hide this fact from you. If you are located in a country where companies often conduct surveys, you will benefit from Metroopinion, countries like the US, Canada, UK and many other countries.

For some countries, you might not even find a single survey till you decide to uninstall their app and stop visiting their website. The number of surveys you will get depends on your country of residence.

For every survey you are invited or you choose to complete, you will first be given some qualification survey. This particular survey is as a test to see if you are the right person the main survey is looking for. If you fail to pass this particular survey, you will be told that you do not qualify. And in this situation there will be nothing you can do than to return back.

If you are looking for a reliable survey site to join and make some extra cash, I suggest you find other ways because your experience with Metroopinion might be worst than what you have ever come across.

1: Pop ads:

I have never seen this kind of a survey site causing bad experience to users. Imagine starting a survey with ads and ending with ads? 

While I was testing this platform, my experience was bad up to the point that I can't tell. Both their app and site are of no difference. Adverts popping from head to toe. Anyway, Am just telling you this in case you are not aware. If you will be satisfied with a survey site that will not allow you to answer survey peacefully because of adverts, then that's cool, Metroopinion is here for you.

Metroopinion payout options:

In every survey sites, how you can get paid is always the number one thing you should think before joining. 
Metroopinion offer different payout options so you can cash out your earnings anytime you wish to as far as you have reached the withdrawal threshold.

• Gcodes:
• PayPal.
• Gift cards.

Those are all the available withdrawal options, and you need a minimum of $10 to withdraw via any of them.
Before joining Metroopinion, it is recommend to be satisfied with these payout options so that you can cash out your earnings once you hit the withdrawal threshold. Keep in mind that the above payout options may vary depending on your country.

Is Metroopinion legit or scam?

Certainly, Metroopinion is legit and paying, but beware that it can take you several days, months, and even up to a year before you can reach the withdrawal threshold for some countries. This is because Metroopinion does not have many opportunities to earn and the withdrawal threshold is high compared to daily earnings. 

However, Metroopinion is legit does not necessarily mean you will not encounter things that are similar to scam while earning from their platform. Things like your account getting banned for no valid reason is considered as a scam by many people.

In which country is Metroopinion available?

Metroopinion is available in many countries. When you login to your account, by scroll down to the bottom, you will find the list of countries it is available. Check carefully to find out if your country is available in the list. If it is not available in your country, I recommend finding other survey sites, I personally do not recommend Metroopinion. This platform is just a place to watch adverts and not answer surveys.