Money maker app review, legit or scam? real or fake?

Money maker app review, legit or scam? real or fake?

This app claims to allow it users earn upto $5 daily just by playing games, performing tasks, watching videos and many others.
Is this app real or fake?

There are many things you should consider before taking a step to use this app, what if after wasting many days on it and when it's time to withdraw you find out that it's scam and do not pay?
This is why you need to read this to the end in order to avoid wasting your time and data.

At least you need to value your little mobile data for valuable things, instead of wasting it on some apps for nothing.
It could be so annoying if after many days of using it you don't get paid.
To fully confirm if this app is real or fake, or in other words "Legit or scam" you should take a look at the following.

1: paid for positive reviews.

Are you still using this app in order to get paid? What if it's never going to pay you at the end of the day?
We discovered that this app paid large number of people to rate it with positive reviews in order to gain the trust of others.
You might have seen it somewhere that this app is good and paying, know that most of those reviews were paid. So for that reason, we can't say this app is real because a real and reliable app wouldn't do such. 

2: Not paying users.

Using this app could be wasting of time because no one has been reportedly paid by this app. 
Many users reported it as fake for refusing to pay and we confirmed the report to be true.
In order word's we could say the app is greedy because it only want to gain from users but do not want users to earn money from it.
If you are a user of this app, you will fully understand this once you reach the minimum threshold to cash out from it.

About this app. 

Money maker  is an app that claims it users would earn money on it just by doing simple tasks.
This app exposes users to various of tasks to enable them earn revenue once task is performed properly as required. 

Play game tasks.
Downloading other apps tasks. 
Watching of videos.  And many others. 
Users get paid for every action they take on the app. 

What happens if after many days of using this app I don't get paid? 

In a situation like this, we believe there is nothing you can do in order to get paid because you might decide to send an email to the app support team but no reply from them.

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