Nairastar loan app Review, nairastar legit or scam? (see more)

Nairastar loan app Review, nairastar legit or scam?

Nairastar is not to be counted among the reliable loan apps in Nigeria because this app is not reliable indeed.

Planning to get loan from this app? Have you asked yourself this question, is this app safe at all?
Using this app is highly at your own risk, according to many users, this app is not reliable at all.
Though it may be the best to many other people but are you sure it's going to work for you?
Before collecting loan from this app, you need to consider the following things before even thinking of taking a step to test this app.

1: very poor customer support service. 

The customer support service of this loan app is so bad to the last level and the app is no longer reliable.
According to many users. The support service of the app are only available when it's time to collect loans from users.
We can't find anything to use and qualify this app in any way. Sending messages to the support team of this app is like a total time wasting as no one will give you even a reply.

So what then is going to happen if you face any system error from the app while using it?
That simply shows it's you and you alone who will solve anything you go through on the app which could be frustrating.
This app needs serous improvement. 

2: Not disbursing the exact amount of loan as applied for to users. 

This app needs serious attention, already many have lost trust for it and the user's trust for it is too low.
Using this app could be risky in one way or the other.
How can we say this app is legit to you? 
Since we didn't find anything to use and qualify this app as a legit loan app, now how do we do?
We discovered that this app sometimes disburses half amount of loan to users instead of full as applied for.
You might apply for a loan of 10,000 naira only for it to send like 6,000 naira to you and expect you pay back complete 10,000 Naira you applied for even with interest.
This is something so important for you to have in mind in order not to regret using the app. 

3: Insults and Embarrassment from app agents.

Failing to pay your loan within the specific time is like putting your good reputation to fiery furnace.
Do you get what that means?
It means within a second you might find your pictures on social media, tagging "scammer" on your image.
But for us we are not against what the app agents do. 
Owing the app is like putting their business at risk, so they reserve the right to take immediate action against anyone who default them.

Other things you might want to ask.

1: Is it safe to expose my BVN to the app?

Since you are really trusting the app, we believe if this app is requesting for your BVN, it might not grant you any loan if you refuse to give out your BVN.
Giving out your BVN (bank verification number) to the app doesn't give the app agents access to your money in the bank account.
Your BVN may only access them to verify your identity, like knowing and validating your real name, your location, your face photo and many others.
And you should only trust them first, because they might find one way or the other to use your BVN for other things which may affect you. 

Do we recommend this app? 

Since we didn't find anything to use and mark this app as a legit loan app, using the app is at your own risk and you should be ready to face both good and the rest from the app.
This app is not scam. Looking back to the beginning you can find more things that is wrong with the app. We have no right to say any word against this app.

App name: Nairastar.

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