paide app review, is paide app legal? is paide legit or scam? (see more)

paide app review, is paide app legal? is paide legit or scam?

To fully confirm and understand if this app is safe for you to start using, kindly read this article till the end in order not to make a wrong decision that might end you up regretting.

For now, there was no valid information to use against this app, however, there are other things to consider, have in mind that this app was released on the 13th of January 2023.
You really need to learn more about this app before taking a step.

Are you planning to start using this app to make transactions? Finding to know if it's legit or scam?
We didn't find any valid information to use against the app. Meaning that the app might be safe.

About this app. 

Paide is a Nigerian multipurpose application, this app takes care of many purposes, because there are many things the app can be used for or things the app can do. 

1: Sell airtime and data.

This is one of the thing you can benefit from this app, looking for a safe app to purchase airtime and data online without stressing yourself looking for a physical shop to make a purchase? 
With this app, you can stay at the comfort of your home and purchase airtime or data for your device. 

How reliable is the app in purchasing airtime and data online?

We are still on our duty to confirm this information, this happens because the app is still new, however, we will be sure to keep this page updated day by day in order to provide our users with the best experience. 

2: Trade gift cards.

Have a gift card to exchange for money? 
This is one of the functions of paide app, the app enables users to exchange their gift cards for cash. If you have a gift card to redeem, we'd recommend you give the app a try and feedback us here with your experience, and we will be happy to receive your feedback about the app in order to help us improve this page. 

3: Exchange money.

Whether be it Dollar or crypto, as a Nigerian, you can exchange your dollar to Nigeria Naira, though the rate might be lower than normal. 
With the app, you can easily exchange other currencies to Naira and withdraw to bank. 

4: Airtime to cash.

Do you have airtime you want to exchange to cash? This app does it all, with the app, you can easily convert your unused airtime to cash and get access to withdraw your funds. 

5: Tv subscription.

Be it dstv, gotv, startime and many others, with the paide app, you can easily pay to subscribe to your TV station online without stressing to locate to the physical office. 

6: Pay Electricity bill.

You can connect and pay your electricity bills online without having to locate any physical office. This is one of the purpose of this app. 

There are many other things the app could do, however, there are many other important things you still need to know about this app. 

How to verify your paide account. (requirements). 

As a person who is interested in using this app, some verification requirements may be required of you before you be given full access to all the app features. 

Some KYC requirements may be required before you be eligible to make any transactions within the app.
To verify your paide account, login to your paid account, click on the profile icon in your account and enter. below are some informations that will be required of you. 

1: Passport. 
2: National ID. 
3: Driving License. 

Those are the KYC requirements required of you, your documents must be well snapped in a clear and light environment for quick approval. 

What happens If I do not have any of the required documents?

To be eligible to start using the app full features, you are to get your account verified. But in a situation where you do not have the verification requirements, the best option is to reach out to customers support for assistance. 

Is this app legit or scam? 

We did not find a valid information to use against the app or to mark it as a legit app, we are still on our duty to provide you with the best, this happens because the app is still new. But for now, we could say the app is safe. 
But you need to watch your steps because some apps are not to be trusted.

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