Review of cowrywise app, is cowrywise app legit or scam

Review of cowrywise app, is cowrywise app legit or scam 

For now, this app is marked as a legit app, but there are many other things you need to consider first before pushing yourself to make a deposit to this app. 

Planning to start using this app called cowrywise? Do you think it is legit for you? What if this is another bunch of scam?
Cowrywise is a Nigerian app that claims to be the best of all the saving and investment apps for everyone in Nigeria.
But the question now is that, is it legit or scam, and if it be legit for now, how about tomorrow? Will it be safe forever?

We didn't find anything to use and flag this app as a scam, meaning that cowrywise is safe for anyone to make use of for now.

Planning to save and invest your money for future? Looking for a safe legal online app to start your saving journey? Was this app called cowrywise recommended for you by someone? If so, we would like to take you through a little step to show you why we marked this app as a safe app.

1: over four years in existence. 

For over four years this app has been of great help to many people financially in Nigeria. We can no longer say this app is scam because it has been existing for over four years. (since march 2018)
It's always impossible for a scam app to exist more than a year. Most of the scam apps often crash within five months, so for this app to exist more than a year shows that it's reliable. 

2: Trusted by more than 100,000 users. 

You might be thinking that it's you alone who uses this app, no, there are thousands of other people who are making money from this app daily. 
There are thousands of people claiming that this app is safe and secured. 
This is one of the reasons why we say this app means no harm to users for now because the users trust for it is higher and for that reason, we can't have anything to use against the. 

3: Has a physical address. 

There are many reasons why we choose to say this app is safe and one of the reasons is it physical office address. 
This is not just an online banking app that has no physical office, this company is popularly known in Nigeria. You can locate their current office address at: 5C Rev.Ogunbiyi St, Ikeja GRA 101233, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria. 

At least the address gives a little hope, in case of any problem, you bounce in to verify. 

About this app. 

Cowrywise is a Nigerian app that exposes users to different ways of saving and investing. With the app, as a Nigerian, you will be enabled to save and invest your money into different assets and expect annually returns. 
Saving of money is made easy with cowrywise app, you can join group saving which will enable you to compete in saving money with other users. And you can set your saving to automatic saving, which will enable you to save automatically without stressing yourself in making deposit frequently to your saving wallet. 

Other things you might want to ask. 

1: I gave out my bvn to this app, am I safe?

Giving out your bvn to apps like this can't add any effect to your bank account.
Why bvn? Your bank verification numbers (bvn) will only enable the cowrywise company to access your true identity, it enables them to see your personal informations like, your real face as linked to your bank account, your date of birth, where you're from and many of your other informations. 
Your bvn can't give them access to funds in your account. 
2: Is it safe to add my bank debit card to this app?

Your debit card is something so precious to you and it's not to be misplaced anyhow. 
Looking back to the above reviews, you can see that this company is more than four years in existence, that was the biggest part why we marked it as a legit company. 
Binding your bank card to this company's app may be safe because no one has be reportedly scammed yet. But we can't guarantee you anything like safety as we do not partner with the company and do not know their plans for tomorrow. 


For now, this app is not a scam app, but how about tomorrow? 
Our advice is that you save or invest what you can afford to lose in case of anything, your bank should be your number one place to keep your money, out of that is at your own risk and there might be no one to help you recover your losses in case of anything. 
We are not trying to condemn this app and we are not trying to push you to use this app.

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