Roqqu app review, see if Roqqu app is legit or scam (see more)

Roqqu app review, see if Roqqu app is legit or scam.

A legit crypto coins wallet is what everyone are looking for, how can we say if this app is legit or scam for now? Or if it's not scam for now, how about tomorrow? You should watch your steps before making any decision of throwing your funds to any app.

50% of mobile apps nowadays are built to scam user's, some might not be scam today, but how about in the future?
Do you know, some apps do crashes after complete one year?

There are many things you should consider about this app before making a decision of putting your hard earned money into it.
What do you expect to hear us say? Is this app legit or scam? Or if it's not scam, is it safe at all?

Roqqu app is truly legit and not scam, we didn't find anything to use against the app since it user's trust is higher.
Were you planning to start using this app? We can say it is okay for you because no one has been reportedly scammed by the app yet, and we didn't find any valid information to use against it for now.
If you're still finding it hard to trust us, kindly take a look at the following to see some of the reasons why we chose to mark it as a legit app for users to make use of.

1: Exist for over three years.

This is part of why we mark this app as a legit app for users to use.
This app has struggle to pass one year and already getting to four years plus.
This is part of how we identify a legit app, for this app to exist for more than two years shows it is really for business and not to scam people.
Know that if this app is scam, it would have crashed since, within it first year of launched.

Other things you should know before using this app to avoid regretting.

Despite the fact that the app is legit, there are other things you really need to have in mind about it. At some points we wouldn't like to recommend this app to you, to fully confirm why we said so, kindly take a look at the following. 

1: Transactions failure or delays in transaction.

Planning to use this app? 
Unfortunately this app might not be the recommended app for you if you're really in love with it, there are many things missing in the app that needs serious attention, using this app to make transaction is risky.
According to users, lossing money to this app during transaction is 20% guarantee.
You might withdraw money but not credited to your wallet, you might send money to your roqqu wallet but to reflect becomes another set of war.
This page was written base on the informations we received from users.
This app needs serious attention, if you are planning to use the app, it's highly at your own risk.
We are not trying to condemn this app, however if you think it's safe for you to use for sending and receiving, then go ahead.

About this app. 

Roqqu is a crypto coins wallet which was launched since March 23rd 2018, for sending, swapping and buying of all crypto coins.
The app enables users to deposit in crypto currency and can also withdraw to local banks.

There are many other things the app features, like purchasing of airtime and data and many others.

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