smart shop app Review, smart shop investment platform legit or scam

smart shop app Review, smart shop investment platform legit or scam

Smart shop is an investment platform that claims to allow it users earn upto 82,000 naira as daily investment profits. 
According to the app, you don't need any experience before you can earn cash daily. 
But how can we tell if this is another way of scamming? 
This app claims to be legit, according to it, you just need to deposit a little amounts of money to start investing then sit back to watch your earnings boosting for free. 

How can we trust this app? As we all know, there have been many other apps that were called smart shop almost the same look with this one, but today where are they? 

Invest 37,000 naira to earn daily investment profits of 2,812.5 naira for 90 days. 

Invest 500,000 naira to earn 82,000 naira daily for 150 days. 

Invest 75,000 naira to earn daily investment profits of 6,000 naira for 75 days. 

Invest 500 naira to earn daily investment profits of 32.5 naira only valid for 3 day. 
And many others.

Planning to invest to this app? Do you think it's safe or legit? You need to look at the following first before taking any further action in order not to regret.

1: High daily investment returns.

Planning to invest to this app is highly at your own risk as no one will ever be responsible for anything you go through while using the app. 
We can't trust this app as the daily earnings the app promises users seems too high and for this reason the app is not to be trusted.
According to the app, the higher the amount invested, the higher the daily income.

How can we trust this app since it promise to pay users up to 82,000 naira daily as investment profits for complete 150 days which might be a total of 12.somthing millions naira. 
If you're planning to invest in this app you should be ready to take the risk and make money and you should be ready to face the consequences.

2: Look like other apps that scammed users.

Are we supposed to trust this app? Trusting the app is never the problem, but the problem is that, why is this app looking like most popular scam app that scammed people in Nigeria?

First - smart shop. 
Fortune retailpro.
And many others that are no longer existing today. 

Looking at the above mentioned apps, they were of no different with this very app called smart shop. 
You might be worried. 
This app called smart shop today is not the first, there was a popular one that was also called smart shop  and it was of no different look with this very one. 
So you should watch your foot step. 
A legit investment platform is what everyone are looking for.

Is this app legit or scam? 

Investing to this app is at your own risk.
We don't really have the right of calling this app a scam app because many people claims it's legit.
If you think the app is safe for you to use then it's advisable you invest what you can afford to lose. 

App released date: December 16th 2022. 

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