speedloan app review, is speedloan app legit or scam?

speedloan app review, is speedloan app legit or scam?

There are many things you need to know about this speedloan app before using it to avoid regretting.
Everyone deserves a reliable loan app, but how can we get to know the best one that suits our needs?

If you're planning to get loan from this app, it is recommended to read this to the end to know more about the app in order not to end up regretting.

Is this app giving loans for sure?

We'd like to tell you that this app is giving loans for sure, about giving loans we can say it is good, but despite that, there are much to consider, yes it gives loans should not be the conclusion about the app.

Is this app good at loan disbursement?

We can say yes for now in some occasions, but we also discovered that the app have some tricks that's if not transaction failure. You might apply for loan only to receive a message that loan has been disbursed meanwhile it is not. That was part of the information we were able to confirm from users.
Using the loan app is at your own risk because you might end up paying for what you didn't received.

High interest rates.

This is the main part to keep in mind about the app before applying for the app loans, after this very part and you still head over to receive loan from the app, it fully shows that you have agreed to the way it operates.
Planning to receive loans from this app? Are you ready to pay almost 70% interest in 7 days?

Service fee: you might apply for a loan of 4,000 naira only to receive 2480 naira and the rest is deducted as service fee and you will still be asked to payback complete 4,000 naira on due date with the interest.
You might apply for a loan of 3,000 naira and 1800 might be credited to your account and the rest taken as service fee.
This is the important thing to have in mind before applying for this app loan.

Poor customer support service.

According to the app users, the customer service of this app will only be available during the time to get back their loans from users. Keep this in mind and from there make a good decision.

Should I bind my bank card with the app?

For your bank card, firstly, you should care about your money in it, we can not guarantee you that the app is safe to expose bank card details to, so in this case, binding your card details with the app is at your own risk and you should be ready to take such risk alone. Binding your bank card to the app will enable the app agents to take control of the funds in your account if you default them and there might be no way for you to recover your losses. 

What will happen if I don't repay the loans of this app on time?

Have in mind that all your personal information like contact details are with the app, according to reports from user, delaying to pay back your loan on time means you are ready to receive threatening messages from the app agents. It is recommended to repay your loans on time.

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