Steady Kash loan app Review, steady Kash legit or scam (see more)

Steady Kash loan app Review, steady Kash loan app legit or scam. 

We can't say this app is legit for so many reasons. 
This is a loan app that claims to disburses loans to users under seconds. 

Are you thinking of getting loan from this app? There are many things you need to consider first before pushing yourself forward to partner with this app in order not to regret. 
This app is not to be counted among the best loan apps in Nigeria because it seems to be an app that wants to use it users to become rich untimely.
If you're still finding it difficult to understand this, you should take a look at the following.

1: paid people to rate it 5 stars. 

Though this app may be safe but you should watch your foot step.
We detected that this app paid others to rates it well in order to deceive users.
Are you looking forward to collecting loan from this app? Have you ask yourself, is this app safe for me? Is this app legit?

We can't trust this app, a reliable financial institution is to be transparent in order to gain the trust of it users.
It's good to have this in mind. 

2: Not disbursing loans to users but claims to. / not disbursing the exact amount of loans as applied for.

We didn't find anything valid to use and qualify this app as a legit loan app. 
There are many things you need to know about this app.
Sometimes this app disburses half amount of loans to users.
You might apply for a loan of 7,000 naira only for it to credit you with 4,000 naira and request you pay back the complete 7,000 naira you applied for both with interest.
Not only that, you might also face issues like applying for loan, the app may show, loan disbursed successfully meanwhile it's not.
This information was confirmed from many users to be true.
Using this app could be risky. 
This app is not trustworthy since we didn't find anything to use and flag it as a legit loan app.

3: poor customer support service.

If you're planning to use this app you should have it in mind that the customer support service of this app will only be active when it's time to get back their money.

According to users of this app, sending messages to the support team of the app is like, just doing nothing could be better than doing something as there would be no one to reply your messages.

In a situation like this what will you do if you encounter any problem while using the app.
The support team of this app need to be improved for a better user experience.

Other things you might want to ask. 

Is it safe to bind my bank card to this app.

How do you really trust this app? Is there anywhere you were told the app is registered? Binding your bank card details to the app is at your risk and no one might be there to help you recover.

To bind your bank card to the app, first you must trust the app. 
Binding your bank card to this app will give the app agents full access over your bank account if you default them or any other things no one have idea of.

Is this app legit or scam? 

In some ways the app may be legit in which we do not know. 
We have no right of accusing this app of being scam because many people claims it's legit. If you think the app is good for you then go ahead.

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