Swift safe app Review, is swift safe loan app legit or scam

Swift safe app Review, is swift safe loan app legit or scam

Swift safe is a Nigerian loan app that claims to be the best in disbursing loans instantly to users within a short period of time.

Are you a Nigerian? Looking for a legit loan app to get instant loan for your business or personal use? Are you even sure there is a legit loan app in Nigeria?
This app called swift safe  claims to be the best when it comes to disbursing loans.
But how can we trust it? Is it legit or another way of stealing personal information?
Well, we can't say this app is scam, we have marked this app as a legit loan app for some minor reasons.
Despite the fact that it's marked as a legit loan app, there are many other important things you need to consider before taking a step to collect loans from the app In order not to regret.

1: Is this app safe for my device? 

This is a very important question, we have heard many rumors concerning this app. 
We didn't find anything to use against the app in anyway, as a user of this app, many people believes that without app to be on Google play it is not safe. 

This app is sponsored by other app called "Swiftkash" and before users can access this very one called swift safe  he or she must first of all pass through Swiftkash

Swift safe is not on Google play, and for that reason many people claimed it's a scam app. But after scanning the app with our tool, there was no threat found on the app, meaning that the app means no harm to users. We didn't find any malware on the app, so this app is safe to be installed on any device. 
You can find the results at the end of this article. 

You might want to ask - is this app giving out loans for real?

Yes, as a Nigerian, you can get a loan from this app, only if you get approved. 

Who can Use this app. 

To use this app you must be a Nigerian, if you are not from Nigeria but chooses to download this app might result to waste of data.

App logo:
After scanning the app since many people were in fear of it for not being on Google play, that was the final result. There's no virus on the app.
Only sensitive permissions were detected which is Normal thing.