swiftkash loan app Review, swiftkash app legit or scam (see more)

swiftkash loan app Review, swiftkash app legit or scam.

Swiftkash is an app that claims to be a loan app, in other words we could call it a fake app.
In other words we could still say this very app is legit.
This app is not giving out loans but instead it's redirecting users to download other app called Swift safe. 

See what this app does to users.

Downloading this app in other words is a waste of time.
This app is not to be trusted because after collecting users personal informations it redirect them to download untrusted app via browser.

You might want to ask - why did these people do this? Is the other app they're redirecting to download safe?

This is the most confusing part of this app, it seems like these people are upto something, and for this reason they're not to be trusted. 

To fully confirm if the other app called swift safe  you were redirected to download is safe, click Here  to read full details. 

Other things you might want to ask - Is my personal informations I exposed to this app called swiftkash secured?

With our experience we could say such informations won't add any effect to you. 
If not mistaking, Below were some important informations they collected from you. 

First name.
Last name. 
And others. 

Looking at the above informations, we believe such can never be used against you. The only one that looks sensitive is your Bvn, but your Bvn can't give them access to withdraw funds from your bank account.

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