Top apps to earn cashback online, earn upto $500 (see more)

Top apps and websites to earn cashback online, earn upto $500.

Looking for a legitimate app to earn cashback online? Yes, at least I could be a great way to earn little tokens online, there are some online apps to allows users to earn cashback on every purchases they make.
Here, we are going to take you step by steps to help you discover different apps that offer users cashback for every purchases they make. Take a look at the following.

1: Ibotta App.

Ibotta is a popular app to earn cash back on your purchases. Whether you're shopping at a grocery store, booking travel, or making purchases online, the free app and browser extension make it easy to earn money back on your purchases. To start using Ibotta, simply download the app and create an account.

According to previous reviews, the average Ibotta user earns between $10 to $20 each month, while very active users can earn up to $200 per month. Once you have accumulated $20 in cash back, you can redeem it as a deposit into your bank account or PayPal, or you can use it to receive gift cards.

It's important to note that in order to start receiving cash back offers through the Ibotta app, you'll need to add your desired offers to your list before you shop. You can do this by simply clicking on each offer you'd like to add. After you've finished shopping, click on “Redeem” on the home screen, select your retailer, and upload a picture of your receipt. With Ibotta, it's easy to earn money back on your purchases and get rewarded for shopping.
You can find the Ibotta app either on Google play store or other app stores. 

2: Rakuten. 

What is Rakuten?  - Rakuten is a cash back platform that allows users to earn money on both online and in-store purchases. To be eligible for cash back, the retailer must be a part of Rakuten's network. You can browse the thousands of retailers already on their network or install the browser extension to be notified of cash back opportunities when you visit a retailer's site. 

To create Rakuten account, simply visit the website, use your email address and password on their website and download the browser extension for quick activation during online checkout. 

Your cash back earnings will be sent to you on a quarterly basis via PayPal or physical check, as per your preference. Additionally, Rakuten offers a $10 welcome bonus for new users and there are no fees.

 Furthermore, you can earn up to $30 for every referral, when you refer someone to the site and they use your link.
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3: Dosh App. 

Dosh is a cash back app that offers convenience for shoppers on the go.

 It is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android devices, and features a wide range of participating retailers including hotels, restaurants, and stores. The app allows users to automatically receive cash back on their purchases. To benefit from Dosh you can simply download the app, sign up and connecting your credit cards.

One of the standout features of Dosh is its instant cash back rewards for in-store shopping.

 Instead of having to wait for a pay day to receive your cash back, you'll get it right away with your purchase. 
You can reach out to:

4: Honey - by PayPal. 

Honey is a popular browser extension and app that helps shoppers save money by automatically searching for and applying promo or coupon codes at checkout.

 With its ability to scour the Internet for discounts and test them on over 30,000 websites, Honey eliminates the need for manual coupon code searches and adds an extra layer of savings to your online shopping experience. 

The best part is, Honey is a free service that can be easily installed on Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge and Firefox.

Additionally, the Honey app allows users to browse the top coupons and deals to make informed purchasing decisions and even earn rewards for purchases with certain retailers. 

When shopping on the website of a retailer that is partnered with Honey, a toolbar will appear at the bottom of the page displaying any available promo codes that can be applied to your purchase.
You can get the app from Google play store or other app stores. 
Name: PayPal Honey. 

 5: Payce.

Payce is a unique platform that provides cashback rewards for both online and in-store purchases. To take advantage of the in-store cashback rewards, users must connect their credit or debit card to the platform, which accepts Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

The cashback rewards can be redeemed once the user has earned a minimum of $10. Unlike other cashback platforms which requires users to visit the platform and click on the retailer link before making a purchase to ensure the purchase is eligible for cashback.

But payce regularly updates its list of popular retailers that offer cashback bonus rewards, such as Home Depot and CVS. The standard cashback offer is typically $5 for purchases of $20 or more. However, it is worth noting that gift card purchases are excluded from earning any cashback rewards.
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6: Opay.

Opay is a Nigerian banking app that allows users to send and receive money locally.
It doesn't support other countries, that simply means that the app is for Nigerians. 

We discovered that Opay is one of the best app to purchase airtime and data online in Nigeria. 

How can you earn cashback on Opay App?  
The only way to earn cashback on Opay is through airtime and data purchases. Opay is the highest paying app on cashback. 
Users can earn upto 3 naira cashback on every airtime or data purchases. 
Learn more about opay: Opay app review...

7: Fetch. 

Fetch is a convenient way for shoppers to earn rewards on their everyday purchases. Whether it's a trip to the grocery store, a quick stop at a convenience store, a visit to a big-box retailer, or a meal at a restaurant, Fetch Rewards allows users to earn points by simply uploading their receipts within 14 days of their purchase. 

The process is easy, simply link your email and submit an e-receipt or take a photo of a physical receipt. No need to pre-plan or save specific offers, points are earned on all regular shopping. While some featured brands may earn more points, any purchase will earn you points.

The rewards program also offers easy redemption options for users. Points can be exchanged for gift cards to popular retailers, or even donated to charity or used to enter monthly sweepstakes. The minimum cash out is only 3,000 points, equivalent to $3. 
You can reach out to: to learn more. 

 8: Kashkick. 

KashKick is a user-friendly platform that allows consumers to earn cash back on their online purchases. With a wide range of deals on popular products and services, such as the latest iPhone models, investment apps, and subscription services like Hulu or Netflix, KashKick has quickly become a go-to for savvy shoppers looking to save money and earn cash back.

One of the standout features of KashKick is the variety of cash back options available. 

Whether you're looking to save on a new purchase or earn cash back on an existing one, there are always new deals and offers to take advantage of. Additionally, the cash back rewards can vary, with potential earnings ranging from $0.50 to $50 per purchase.

When it comes to redeeming your cash back, KashKick offers a few options. You can opt to receive your rewards in the form of free gift cards or through PayPal, giving you the flexibility to use your cash back however you see fit. 

Furthermore, KashKick also offers additional earning opportunities by answering survey questions and watching online videos. You can reach out to: