Top best browser app you must have in your device. (see more)

Top best browser apps you must have in your device.

Looking for a safe and reliable app to browse the internet safely? There are many browsers out there and we have come up with the best and powerful browsers that will satisfy your needs.

Note that each browsers have their own pros and cons, we won't just select and tell you which of them is best, but will also tell you every necessary things you need to know about each of them, and list out why we call them best.

It's never easy to discover the best browser, using a browser that can't satisfy your needs isn't the best idea.
There are thousands of browsers, do you know that some of the browser app are so annoying to use? As a business model, at least you need to have up to 5 browsers installed on your device.
Like said earlier, each browser have their own pros and cons, there are things that others can do in which others cannot do.

Have you ever been looking for the best ad blocker browser? Here you will get to discover the top ad blocker browsers of all time. 
But before blocking other people's adverts on their website, have in mind that you're not paying them to use their website, and the only way you can repay them for what you get from their site is through the adverts you watch. 

1: Abaqoo

Maybe you have never heard of this browser? Of course we have selected it and counted it to be among the best browser. 
Although the browser is not perfect and does not have all the necessary tools in it as a browser. 
But there are incredible things this browser can do that other browsers can not do. 
We have tested this browser in different ways, sure the browser is cool, below are important things you should know about the browser and why we choose it to be the best. 

pay users for using it. 

This might not really sound good to hear, but this is part of why we mark the browser as one of the best. 
Have you ever been looking for a browser that get you paid for using it? If yes, then this is the browser that you are to use. Abaqoo is a browser that get it users paid up to $1 daily for just using it, browsing with the browser is fun because once your credibility increases, you can earn nearly $1. The more you use it, the more your chances of earning increases and the earnings are real in which you can redeem via PayPal or other methods of withdrawal. 

Contains ad blocker. 

This is one important thing everyone wants to see in each browser, though it's quite funny that the ad block of this browser do selects ads to block, this browser fails to block Google ads and many other ads, but during our recent tests on it, we discovered some of the adverts it blocks and not all. 
Not only that, the main thing that cause us to select the browser as one of the best is it ability to block websites from automatically redirecting users to unknown web pages. 
Do you know that there are some websites that is, once you enter, they automatically pop you out and taking you to unknown web pages, some mainly to make you watch ads? 

Abaqoo browser is the main and best browser to stop websites like that from popping up. This browser will help you monitor websites like that and once they're about to pop-up, it will notify you that the website is about to do such thing and give you an option whether to allow it or not. 
It is always annoying that some websites don't always allow user to get what they came looking for. 
That is one main thing to know about Abaqoo browser and why it is counted among the top, what the browser does are what you can not easily find in other browsers. 

Ability to save logins passwords

This is one important thing the app feature, the browser helps in keeping your login details on each website you visit, and getting back won't give you any headaches as it will suggest and show you your recent login details without opening up the details. And if you are sure, you can then click and it will automatically fill up for you to login. 

Feature desktop mode. 

Abaqoo also features desktop mode which will enable you to switch any website and make it look like you are using a desktop to browse the site on your Android phone.

2: Uc Turbo. 

This is another powerful browser on our list, although this browser might not be perfect in all, but there are certain things it does that makes it special from others. 
This is one of the browser to have installed in your phone if you're a blogger or a content writer. 
Below are listed, the main things that push the browser to be on top. 

Ability to copy contents from any website. 

This might not really sounds good at all, but honestly the browser is incredibly built and designed to suit the needs of users. 
As a blogger or content writer or editor, do you ever suffer copying post articles from other websites? If yes then test Uc turbo and feel it super ability to copy anything no matter how powerful the website is.
After testing many other browsers, Uc turbo has been on top when it comes to copying, in fact the browser can copy things beyond your imagination. 

Ability to play and download private videos. 

This is one important part of the browser, after going through a lot of test on it, we discovered that it can play and download most private videos, with this browser, as far as the video is playable then there is possibility of getting it downloaded. 

Powerful ads blocker

In fact the way this browser blocks adverts is quite different from other browsers, the browser ad blocker helps control how often you can see ads on a particular website. Like now, you can visit a website and see complete ads popping up, exiting the site and going back after sometime you may not find any adverts. 

Not only that, with this browser, you can easily control how many adverts you want to see on a website. To manually block ads on a website page, you can long press on any ad you don't want to see and the browser will pop up options where - (block this ad) will be included, and once you click on "block this ad" the browser will automatically detect and block the ad, making it to disappear. 

Ability to save and secure login details

This browser also feature this function, logging in to each websites on the browser is made easy, even if you create accounts on thousands of websites daily, the browser will help you keep each of their login details and each time you visit anyone, the login details will be automatically filled out.

3: Brave.

Looking for a browser that wouldn't have mercy on advert that displays on any website? Then brave is the top notch for that, this browser is the king of all ads blocker browser and it have no mercy on any adverts. Below are main things we selected the browser to be among the top. 

most powerful ad blocker. 

This might not really sounds good to hear, blocking ads on bloggers websites is never a good idea because you're not paying them to benefit from their website contents. 

When it comes to blocking, Brave is the number as it can block anything that crosses it way. 
Whether it be pop up or any form of advertisement, this browser can help you wipe all and you would not be disturb, be it cookies pop-up or privacy policy, the browser can block any of them to make your reading experience better. 

Offline web page opening.

This is an important thing to know about this browser, reading website articles offline on a particular page is made possible with this browser.
All you need to do is visit the website page once with data connection and make it load completely.

 After that, exiting directly after reading without opening any other tap, will enable the browser to take you back to that particular page in offline and everything will display completely when you return without anything missing and you can still read comfortably.

Desktop mode.

Ever finding it hard to browse websites that were designed only for desktops? With brave, you can easily dive into these websites with your Android phone and it will give you complete view without anything missing.

4: Phoenix.

This is one best browser that will make your browsing experience more enjoyable, there are many things you need to know about this browser, it features many tools that can not be compared with other browsers, though it was supposed to be counted as the best but we just decided to downgrade it because of minor reasons. Below are important things this browser can do. 

File manager. 

This might not really sounds good, but it's an important thing every browser should feature, Phoenix is counted among the top because of it ability to manage files in phones. 
Not just a file manager, if you're a website developer, Phoenix browser is the recommended browser for you because it feature the ability to store and open zip codes, most of the website templates always comes as zip files. It is not all browsers that can open zip files. opening zip files is one thing this browser can do for you, and with this browser, you can easily set up and install a new template on a blogger website using your Android phone. 

pdf reader. 

Ever finding it hard to open and read pdf articles? This is noe of the thing this browser can do for you, it can easily open any pdf file without any delay. 

Ability to play and download private videos. 

Ever looking for a browser to download videos easily? Then give Phoenix browser a try and see it ability yourself.