Topchance loan app Review, Topchance app legit or scam? (see more)

Topchance loan app Review, Topchance app legit or scam?

Planning to get loan from this app? You need to see these hidden secrets behind this app to avoid regrets.
Firstly, the user's trust for this app it too low and for this reason the app is not to be counted among the top loan apps in Nigeria.
How can we trust this app after all these secrets we discovered?
This is the loan app that claims to disburses loans to users within a short period of time and with low interest rates.
What do you expect to hear from us? Are you expecting to hear that this app is legit? Or are you expecting to hear that this app is scam?
To fully understand what's going wrong with the app you should take a look at the following. 

1: paid people to give it good reviews/5 stars. 

Aren't you so surprised to hear about this? This is the app that claims to be the best, but unfortunately, it has come to become a Nightmare. 
We discovered that this app paid many people to give it good reviews in order to gain the trust of it users. 

A legit loan app is what people are looking for. 
Were you planning to get loans from this app? Are you sure the app is legit?
In some parts the app is legit but for it to get people paid in order to get good reviews is what disqualifies it. 

2: High interest rates:

Planning to get loans from this app? Are you ready to pay double in a week? 
According to users of this app, the interest rate of this loan app seems little bit higher than normal. 
It's good to have this mind so as not to make a wrong decision. 
You might borrow loan of ₦10,000 to payback ₦17,000 in just a week plus 4 days.
Does that not seems too high? 

You might want to ask:

Does this app gives out loans for sure?

Yes, confirmed, if you are planning to get loans from this app. Yes it gives out loans, that's if you are eligible to get loan from it. 

is it safe to give out my BVN to this app.

As we all know, before you be eligible to get loan from this app it will first of all request for your BVN. 
Why is BVN?
Your bank verification number (BVN) will enable the management of Topchance to confirm your identity, (kyc). 
BVN will enable them to see and confirm your bank informations like your real name, your real face, if you have problems with other loans companies in the past, your location you added to your bank information, and other details. 
But your BVN can never give them access to withdraw the money that is in your bank account.
Giving out your bank verification number to this app is at your own risk. 

•  Is it safe to bind my bank card to this app?

Do you trust this app and management? 
Binding your bank card to this app will give the app management full access to withdraw money from your account if you default them. 
You must trust them first before you give out what's important to you to them because we can't guarantee you any safety. 
 This app will charge ₦50 from your account as card binding fee - What will happen if after deducting a ₦50 fee from my account and still deny me loan? Will they refund?
No, once deducted it's over and you can't get any refund if you're not eligible for loans. 

What happens if I default this loan app? 

You must be sure to repay your loans to avoid embarrassment from app agents. 
Refusing to repay your loan is a violation and it's against the law. 
The agent of this app reserves the right to find one way or the other to take action against anyone who default them. You must repay your loans within the due date. Know that your personal informations is with them and they may find one way or the other to use your informations against you if you refuse to repay. 

Is this app legit or scam? 

We have no right to say this app is legit or this app is scam. 
The above reviews already stated clearly all things needed to know. Please feel free to contact us if you still finds it difficult to understand what's going on here. It would help us improve in the future.

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