review, is trendflow legit or scam (see more) review, is trendflow legit or scam.

Trendflow is a multiniche website that allows users to earn revenue daily for reading blog posts, sharing of sponsored posts and many others.
According to the website, users can earn upto 3,000 naira month.

Before using this website, there are certain things you need to consider before taking a step.
Are you going to the website to earn revenue or promote your products?
If you're going to it in order to earn revenue, are you really sure it is paying? As we all know, there are many things on the website, the same as there are many to benefit from the website.

Trendflow is legit and there are many reasons why we mark this website as a legit website. Below are things you should consider and why we mark this site as a legit website. 

1: Trusted by over 1 million users. 

We didn't find anything to use against the website, the user's trust for the site is higher and for that reason we have marked it as a legit website. 
You might be thinking that it is you alone who uses the website, no, trendflow has scored a high popularity almost above all other websites in Nigeria. 
Trendflow opens different ways for users to earn revenue daily without much stress. 

There are millions of Nigerians on the site, earning little daily revenue. Though the daily revenue might not be much, but at least it satisfies many people.
Many users reported this site as one of the legit paying websites in Nigeria.

2: Over 2 years in existence.

This website has been existing for over 2 years and this is one of reasons why we mark it as a legit website to earn extra money online.
Most scam websites do not last upto 5 months, but for this website to exist for more than three years shows it is really here for business and not scamming. 
It is little big difficult to call a website that has been existing for more than two years a scam. 
The domain name of this website known as  was created on the 25th of December 2020.

About this website.

Trendflow is a website that opens different ways of earning little daily income for people in Nigeria, a popularly known earning website in Nigeria.

How to earn money from this website. 

1: New user welcome reward:

Planning to join trendflow? As a new user, you will be welcomed with 100 tokens as rewards for joining the community.

2: Referral commissions:

As a user of the website, you can earn more when you share your referral link online, inviting others to join the website.
Through inviting others, you could earn upto 1,000 tokens daily.
Users can earn 50 tokens per user invited to join. 
Not only that, you can earn an additional 1 token for driving traffic to the website. 
How?  - sharing your referral link online will help you generate more revenue, you can also earn 1 token when people keep clicking on your link, even without taking other actions.

3: Reading and commenting on news:

You can earn 8 tokens for reading and commenting on news of the website. 
Meaning that each time you view a news article to read and comment at the end of reading you get paid 8 tokens.

4: Sharing of sponsored posts:

Earn more tokens when you share posts sponsored by other people, you earn from 20 to 100 tokens per post.
The sharing of sponsored posts might be, sharing the posts to your social media accounts or elsewhere.

5: Liking, following and commenting on social media accounts and posts.

How to win trendflow airtime giveaway. 

You can be a lucky winner, the airtime giveaway always takes place every day by 8pm. You can target the time and log in to check out. 

How to withdraw money from your trendflow account. 

Withdrawals always takes place on the 10th, 20th and 30th of every month. 
To redeem your trendflow earnings you must target the withdrawal dates and you must also reach the minimum threshold. 

You can redeem your earnings via airtime or cash to bank account. 
The minimum threshold to withdraw from the platform to bank is 5,000 tokens and to airtime is 3,000 tokens. 

How to convert your trendflow tokens to Naira ₦. 

The platform offers different ways for users to earn tokens. 
1 token is = ₦0.20 
To redeem your earnings, login to your trendflow account on the day of withdrawal and go to your account dashboard to place your order. 

Other things you should know.

1: Don't place withdrawal order on the website if you haven't reached the minimum threshold.

According to the withdrawal rules of the website, users are not expected to place any withdrawal order if they haven't reached the lowest amount to withdraw, doing this may result to account banned forever, and might leads to loss of tokens.
You should target the withdrawal dates as well, to place your order if reached the right amount. 
2: Do not click on your referral link and do not try to refer yourself on one device.

You can use other devices with details different from your main account to refer yourself in other to increase your revenue. 
Using one device with the same details to register multiple accounts may result to all accounts banned, and might not be able to recover your account with earnings back.

3: Do not use advert blocker browser or VPN on the website.

Have it in mind that the website generates it revenue from adverts that displays on the site and be able to pay you tokens. Using ads blocker browser or VPN to view the site will deny them revenue. 
Have in mind that the site has a powerful anti ad blocker detector. 
Frequently using of ad blocker browser to earn tokens from the site will surely results to waste of time and data, because you will not get paid at all, because you want to earn from the site and do not want the site to earn from you. 
Like said earlier, the website generates it own daily income and be able to pay you from the adverts you watch on it, so using advert blocker is not a good idea, and it's advisable to stop visiting the site if you are not ready to watch ads. 

How can I increase my revenue using my referral link? 

According to the website, users with the highest referrals gets more respects and they will be attended to first on the day of withdrawal. 
You can earn higher just with your referral link. 

You can share your link to your own Facebook group.
Share to your own Whatsapp, Telegram group, Facebook page, go to other people's groups and share your link and you can share it to your blog post.
If you want to use Facebook to promote your referral link, it is advisable not to share your naked link in Facebook comments sections, doing so may lead to Facebook account banned.

The only recommended way to promote your referral link on Facebook is by creating a post and add your link inside with image to it.

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