Weswis review, see if Weswis.com is legit or scam (see more)

Weswis review, see if Weswis.com is legit or scam.

Before you even take a step to make a deposit to the platform, It would be better you take a deep look at these so as not to end up regreting.

Weswis is an investment platform that claims to allow users earn money online by investing to different digital machines.
How can we trust this platform?
According to the platform users can earn upto 500 usdt per hour. When you purchase a mining machine, it start generating revenue immediately. Before taking a step to make a wrong decision, it's better you look forward to the following because this platform is not to be trusted. 

1: High daily earnings. 

The daily earnings this platform promises users seems too high, you need to watch your steps. 
Below are the platform's investment plans and machines. 

Level 1 machine. 

Amount to purchase:15 USDT 
 Time:24 hours 
hourly earnings:11.900247 TRX. 
 Total revenue:285.605928 TRX. 
 Profit:285.605928 TRX. 
Level 2 Machine. 

Amount to purchase:25 USDT 
Time:240 hours 
hourly earnings:2.508413 TRX 
Total revenue:602.01912 TRX 
Profit:602.01912 TRX 

Level 3 machine. 

Amount to purchase:50 USDT 
Time:240 hours 
hourly earnings:5.03314 TRX. 
Profit:1207.9526 TRX 
 Level 4 machine. 

 Amount to purchase:100 USDT. 
 Time:240 hours. 
 hourly earnings:10.516579 TRX. 
 Total revenue:2.523.97896 TRX. 
 Profit 2.523.97896 TRX. 
Level 5 machine. 

Amount to purchase:500 USDT 
Time:720 hours 
hourly earnings:20.988621 TRX. 
Total revenue:15.111.80712 TRX 
 Profit:15.111.80712 TRX 
 Level 6 machine. 

Amount to purchase:2000 USDT 
Time:720 hours 
 hourly earnings:70.052757 TRX 
 Total revenue:58.917.9811 TRX 
 Profit:58917.9811 TRX 
Level 7 machine. 

Amount to purchase:5000 USDT 
Time:720 hours 
hourly earnings:200.247513 TRX. 
Total revenue:144.173.8944 TRX. 
Profit:144173.8944 TRX. 

Level 8 machine. 

Amount to purchase:10000 USDT 
Time:720 hours 
hourly earnings:700.544067 TRX. 
Total revenue:504391.71168 TRX. 
Profit:504391.71168 TRX. 
Level 9 machine. 

Amount to purchase:20000 USDT 
Time: 720 hours 
hourly earnings:5000.453613 TRX. 
Total revenue:3600326.77704 TRX. 
Profit:3600326.77704 TRX. 

The platform daily earnings seems to high and for that reason, you need to watch your steps.

Is it safe to invest to this platform?

Investing to this platform is highly at your own risk, there have been many other websites like this that are no longer available today. 
We didn't find any valid information to use and qualify the website in any way, so we can't tell you it is safe. But if you think it is safe for you, we recommend you invest what you can afford to Lose. 

Is this platform still paying?

Yes for now it is still paying, but you should watch your step because the domain name of this platform known as: Www.weswis.com was created on 4th of January 2023. Though it is still new, but no one can tell what will happen to it in the next three weeks.
You can find and join some of it group on Telegram by searching for Weswis.

Is this platform legit or scam?

Like said earlier, investing to this platform is at your own risk. We have no right to place the word "scam" on this platform.