Wificash.io review, wificash legit or scam?

Wificash.io review, wificash legit or scam?

We can not trust this project because it seems like a way to scam users.
Joining this website is at your own risk.

Below were some red flags we found about the platform.

1: Deleting user's negative messages from their official telegram group.

Paying to purchase the wifi cash tokens is at your own risk because the website may shut down at anytime and your money waste for nothing. 
We have a powerful idea of identifying a scam site.
We notice that this platform has many agents in their official telegram group that keep deleting negative messages of users from the group in order to gain the trust of others.
Every users have the right to express their thoughts and feelings. 
Minus having agents, they also have some bots in the group that deletes bad words from users immediately. 

For those earning free coins.

We can't guarantee you that the website is real, if there are thousands of people earning from the site daily, how do you expect it to be during the time to withdraw earnings? Do you think they will be able to pay everyone those free earnings?
They may end up requesting you pay some amount of money in order to withdraw from it. 

For those buying the pre-sale wificash hook.

We can't guarantee you that this website is legit, we believe you're supposed to use your eyes to watch your footsteps to see the end of this project. It doesn't matter starting late, the only thing that matters is doing the right thing that will lead to success.
We believe you are supposed to wait to see if this coins is legit or scam on the date they claim to launch.

We will update this page immediately to get you informed once we fully confirm this website as a safe one.
But for now, watch your steps. If the website tells you to refer and earn, then that's cool, just keep referring to earn while you keep watching.
On joining their telegram official group, have in mind that there are some agents in the group that will do some funny things convince you more.

If you think this review is a false alarm, please do well to contact us and if we finds your opinions helpful, we will be glad to accept it.
Like said earlier, this page will be updated immediately this website proves that they're legit.