9money review - is 9money legit or scam

9money review - is 9money legit or scam?

Wants to get loans from this platform? We have listed here important things you need to know before applying for it loans.

We can not call this app a scam app, there are important things to consider before applying for 9money loans.
9money is a Nigerian loan platform which was established months ago, as a Nigerian, with 9money you can get loans either for your business or personal use.
Before applying for 9money loan, below are important things to know.

Is 9money a legitimate loan platform or scam?

Before getting to apply for any platform's loan, be it for personal use or business, this should be the top question to ask yourself. Most of the loan platforms are mainly after users personal information.
During our research, there was no valid information found that this app is scamming users, however, there were many other things that we discovered which could make you see the platform as scam, we will expose some of the problem you could encounter while using the 9money platform.

Is 9money giving loans for sure?

Yes, 9money is giving loans to users, as far as you are found to be eligible for their loans, then it will be granted. 

Below are things you must know about 9money before using their platform.

1: card binding fee.

This is one important thing to consider before using 9money, to bind your bank card with 9money app, you might got charged from 30, 50, 200, Naira and above as fee each time you wants to bind your bank card, the fee may depend on the amount of money you apply for. 
Have in mind that you cannot get any refund if your loan application get rejected. 
Before getting to use 9money app, have this in mind.

1: Service fee. 

This is one important thing to keep in mind before using this app called 9money, you may apply for a loan of 7500 naira and only 5250 naira might be disbursed to you and the rest is taken as service fee. Upon that, you will still have to pay back completely as applied with interest on due date.
After this, getting to use the platform shows that you are okay with their way of operation. 

Popular problems you could face while using the platform. 

1: Loan disbursed successfully but not credited to bank account. 

During our research, this was also popular problem we discovered about 9money, after applying for the platform loan and get approved, you may also find it hard to get the money in your account and at the end you will be asked to repay your loan. 

2 : Poor customer support service. 

The customer service of 9money is too poor and not reliable at all. Facing any issues with the app could bring more problem because there will be no one to assist you. Sending message request to their provided contact details is like doing nothing and sometimes they could read your messages without any reply.

Important questions to ask.

1: Is it safe to bind my bank card with 9money application?

This is an important question to ask. We cannot assure you anything at the moment, binding your bank card with the 9money app is at your own risk. Connecting your bank card with 9money app exposes your account security to 9money agents, and it will enable them to get their hands on funds in your account if you default them and it could cause a lot of confusion. 
You should only trust 9money before you give out your card details to them.

2: Is it safe to give out my bvn to 9money? 

Your bank verification numbers (bvn) is used for identity verification purposes, however it is always advisable to make sure your bvn is not exposed anyhow because it can still be used against anyone in one way or the other.
Your bvn can not give 9money access to funds in your account, instead it exposes your true identity and other information about you to 9money including your financial status.
Don't want to share your personal information with 9money? Then you should forget about getting their loans because to collect loan from 9money, you must provide your bvn and there is no chances of getting loan without bvn.

3: What happens to my personal information I gave out to 9money? Safe? 

You can check things like these out on their privacy policy page to learn more before applying to get their loans. We do not partner with 9money so it's quite impossible to tell how they use your personal information.