Afriex review - Is Afriex legit or scam? (see more)

Afriex is a global payment solution that offers a mobile money transfer app, available in: 

• Nigeria
• Ghana
• Kenya. 
• Canada. 
And the USA. 

Launched in 2019, the platform has gained over 100K active users and is powered by cryptocurrency technology. 

With Afriex, users can send money instantly and affordably to bank accounts and e-wallets, both domestically and internationally. 

The app allows for transfers up to $3,000 daily, and users can earn rewards for referring friends and family. Afriex places a strong emphasis on security, with encrypted personal data and strict security standards in compliance with PCI DSS. 

The app is available for both Android and iOS and has raised a total of $11.3 million, including a recent $10 million Series A round in 2022, valuing the company at $60 million.

How does Afriex App works? Does it works in Nigeria? 

Afriex is a revolutionary financial platform that offers a fast, secure and cost-effective way to transfer money globally. 

Its innovative technology leverages cryptocurrency to provide seamless and immediate transfers, eliminating the hassles and delays associated with traditional money transfer methods.

Afriex operates in several countries, including the US, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Canada, making it possible for individuals to send money to loved ones, pay for goods and services, or support business dealings with ease.

One of the key features of Afriex is its accessibility in Nigeria. Nigerian users can send money to over 130 countries in just a few minutes using the Afriex app. 

The app also provides a user friendly interface for tracking payments and viewing transfer history, providing customers with peace of mind and control over their financial transactions.

Is Afriex App legit or scam?

We can not say this app is scam, There was no valid information found to use against the platform. Afriex is legit and not scam, if you are planning to start using the app, just go ahead because it's safe for now. 

Sending Money to Nigerian Bank Account from Afriex. 

If you're looking to send money from Afriex to a Nigerian bank account, follow these simple steps:

• Open the Afriex app and click on the dollar sign at the bottom of the screen.

• Select the Nigerian flag at the top right to choose the currency.

• Enter the amount you want to send and press the "SEND" button.

• Click on "SEND TO BANK".

• If it's a new account, click on "ADD RECEIVING BANK". If not, select an already stored account.
Enter the amount you want to send and press "SEND".

Receiving Money from Afriex in Nigeria. 
If you're in Nigeria and need to receive money through Afriex, follow these steps:

• In the Afriex app, choose the "Cash Pickup" option.

• You will be notified via text when the cash is ready.

• Visit the First City Monument Bank to pick up your money, which will be in US Dollars.

Afriex Fees

Afriex does not charge fees for sending money, but there may be a small fee for withdrawing money. Please check the Afriex app for specific fees and exchange rates. Download the app. 

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