Candywallet review - Candywallet legit or scam?

Candywallet review - Candywallet legit or scam?

Candywallet can not be flagged as a scam at the moment, after going through a lot of tests to see how reliable the platform is, finally the result was positive.
We didn't find any valid information to use against this platform called candywallet, however, there are still many things you must know before applying to get loans from the platform.
Candywallet is a Nigerian loan platform, as a Nigerian looking to get loans for your business or personal use, this platform could be one of the recommended to look forward to.
Things you should know before applying for candywallet loans.

1: Can not get more than ₦1,000 as a first time user.

Were you looking for a reliable online loan company to partner with and get enough loans for your business or even for personal use? Unfortunately candywallet might not be the right place for you.
We discovered that as a first time user of candywallet, it is very impossible to get more than 1000 naira loan. However, according to the company, the more you continue with their platform the more your chances of getting more loans increases.

2: High interest rate. 

This is one of the thing you must have in mind before collecting loans from candywallet. Will you be able to pay 300 naira for 1,000 naira loan in just 3 days? 
To use candywallet loan platform, you should be ready to face high interest rates because this was part of what we discovered about the loan platform during our research to find if it is safe for users. 

3: failure to repay loan on time - embarrassment from agents. 

If you are planning to be a user of candywallet then you must be ready to pay your loan on time, even before due date to avoid embarrassment from candywallet agents. We discovered that failure to repay your loans on time could result to your images being sent to all your contact that you're a defaulter. Have in mind that before you can get loan from candywallet a lot of your personal information will be collected including all contact on your device. According to what we discovered during our research, candywallet will send your pictures to all your contacts telling that you owe them if you fail to repay your loans on time. 

4: ₦30 card binding fee. 

Trying to connect your bank card with candywallet app will result to a 30 naira fee charged from your bank account. You should also note that the 30 naira charges does not qualify you for any of their loan offer. Even upon being charged the 30 naira, your loan application may still be rejected if you are found to be not eligible for their loans and there will be no refund of the 30 naira charged from your account if your application is rejected. 

Important questions to ask yourself right now.

• Is candywallet a scam loan company?

During our research, we did not find any valid information to use and flag the platform as a scam. Candywallet is legit and can not be called a scam. If you were really looking to know if the platform is legit then we can say it is sure legit according to how we saw it during our research.

Is it safe to bind my bank card with candywallet? 

Your bank account is something so important to you and it is what you need to try all your best to secure. Binding your bank card with candywallet app will enable candywallet to cash out funds from your account as a possession if you default them. We cannot assure you anything like safety at the moment, binding your bank card with candy wallet is at your own risk.

Is it safe to give out my bvn to candywallet?

There is no possibility of getting online loan without bvn, your bank verification numbers (bvn) is use for identity verification purposes, your bvn exposes your true identity to candywallet and doesn't give them access to funds in your account. However, it is advisable to always keep your bvn safe and secure because it can still be used against anyone in one way or the other.

Candywallet customer support service review.

We can say candywallet customer support service is reliable, you can reach out to them through their provided email address. We tested the support service and it was active.