crancash review - is crancash legit or real scam?

crancash review - is crancash legit or real scam?

Crancash is one of the Nigerian online loan platforms in which Nigerians can receive loans for their businesses or personal use.
Concerning if the platform is legit or scam, we didn't find any valid information that this loan platform is scamming users.
Below are important questions to asks about any loan platform.

Are they really giving loans for sure?

Before going to collect loan from any financial organization, this question should be the first to pop up in your mind, have in mind that most of the loan platforms nowadays are mainly to steal users personal information. A good loan platform should be giving loans to users.

For crancash, during our research about the app, we were able to discover that the platform is giving loans, but despite that, we also discovered that getting loans from the platform is somehow difficult.
You may find is so difficult for your application to be accepted.

Crancash customer support service. 

Very poor, this loan app has the poorest customer service, almost than other loan platforms, a message was sent and it took over 2 days still no response from them. This is something to have in mind before joining to start getting loans from this platform. 
Facing any issues while using the app might make your experience more worst, because there will be no one to support you. 

Have in mind that we didn't find any valid information that this loan platform is scamming users, however, you may still encounter one problem or the other while using the platform. 

Important thing to know. 

Is it safe to give out my bank verification numbers to this app? 

Every loan platform requests for bvn, it is always impossible to get loan from any loan platform without bank verification numbers. 
Your bank verification numbers is used for identity verification purposes, and it does not give anyone access to funds in your bank account. 

Your bank verification numbers will open up your identity to the platform you wants to get loans from but does not give them access to funds in your account and it doesn't expose your account security details to them. However, it is advisable to always keep your bvn safe because it can still be used against anyone in one way or the other.