Giftcard8 app review, is Giftcard8 legit or scam. (see more)

Giftcard8 app review, is Giftcard8 legit or scam.

Giftcard8 is one of the apps to trade gift cards in Nigeria at a normal rates.
With is user-friendly and easy to use interface, you can easily and quickly trade your gift cards within 1hour.
The app was released since 2022, opening opportunities for gift cards traders in Nigeria to trade their gift cards of any branch, be it Amazon gift card, Google, or any other branch.

With it easy to navigate surface, it makes the trading of gift cards in Nigeria easy for traders.
Traders in Nigeria can trade and withdraw cash to bank, are you planning to start using the app? We have packed this article with unique ideas to help you make the right decision about this app.

When choosing an application for redeeming of gift cards, many things are important to have in mind in order to avoid being ripped off your gift card. 
Nothing much about the app, and below are the necessary things to consider first. 

1: Support gift cards of over 22 brands. 

This is one good thing about the app as it offers and supports gift cards of many brands. Gift cards from the below mentioned brands can be easily redeemed for cash.

• Apple. 
• Footlocker. 
• Nordstrom. 
• Sephora. 
• Ebay. 
• Awex 3779.
• Vanilla. 
• Cash App. 
• PayPal. 
• Zelle transfer. 
• Razer Gold. 
• Xbox. 
• Best buy. 
• Bloomingdales. 
• Cvc Pharmacy. 
• Jcpenny. 
• Saks fifth Avenue. 
• Walmart. 
• macys.

Any gift card from the above branch can easily be traded with the Giftcard8 app.

Exchange rates review.

The exchange rate of this app mostly depends on the branch the card is from and also depends on your card value. 
Cards from Amazon may have higher rates than cards from Apple.
The app opens up opportunity for users to calculate and see how much their gift card value can fetch. 

Like said earlier, the exchange rates of this app also depends on your card value. 

Card value: $100 to $200 might be higher than cards of $10 to $99. 

Before using the app, it is advisable to check, calculate and see the exchange rate of your card on the app. 

App rewards review. 

As a user of the app, you can earn more rewards even more than other trading apps, each time you trade gift cards with the app, you can easily earn cash rewards depending on the value of your gift card. 

Not just that, it offer referral program which enables users to refer to the ap and earn more and more when their invitee trade gift cards. Users can easily earn more money through referral program. 

How secure is this app to trade gift cards? 

The app is safe for trading gift card, with it user-friendly and easy to use interface, you can easily trade your gift cards within 1hour depending on your card type. 

Is this app scamming users? 

During our recent search about the app, there was no valid information found that this app is scam,

We can say the app is legitimate for sure, after going through different tests to see how reliable the app is, yes for sure it is reliable and secure to safely trade gift cards. 

How do I trade my gift cards with this app?

To trade your gift card with the app will first requires you to sign up for an account by downloading the app, name: Giftcard8, with the same logo below. 

Signing up

It doesn't take up to 30 seconds to complete registration. 

Registration requirements:

• Username. 
• Password. 

After signing up, take up to 5 minutes to study the app navigations in order to know all it pages to move to. 
To trade your gift card: while still on the homepage, look closely at the top and you will be able to see the button where you can click on and move to trade your cards. 
Trading of cards on the app might requires you to upload screenshots of your card both front and back. 

Who can trade with this app? 

This app is mainly for Nigerians, to use this app you must be a Nigerian, it might result in losses if you're not a Nigerian but decide to use the app..

App logo: