How much is $100 steam gift card in Naira?

How much is $100 steam gift card in Naira?

If someone is not an avid gamer, they may not be familiar with the Steam platform and Steam Gift Card. 

Steam is the largest video game platform on the internet, offering a wide variety of the hottest video games in the industry. 

The platform has continued to innovate new ways to make it seamless for users to purchase games and add them to their account forever. 
One of these innovations is the Steam Gift Card, which is a voucher that can be purchased from retail or online stores, including the Steam platform, to help customers pay for products and services without the use of normal cash or the doing of bank transfer. The Steam Gift Card is a great gift card option for game lovers and anyone else because it can be sold for cash. It is also popularly known for having the highest gift card rate in Nigeria.

A Steam card is a type of voucher that is preloaded with a certain amount of money and can be used to purchase products and services on the Steam platform. 
There are two forms of Steam cards available, including: 

• The physical card and - 
• The digital code. 

The physical card is a tangible plastic card that has a secret code at the back, while the digital code is just a set of numbers that represent the value of the card.

When purchasing a Steam card, a buyer has the option to choose between the physical card or the digital code. The value of the Steam card can vary and they are sold in different monetary denominations. 

Buyers can choose to purchase any affordable value, with Steam cards ranging from $5 to $500 depending on the store where they are purchased.

Finally, Steam cards provide a seamless way for gamers and others to purchase products and services on the Steam platform, and the availability of different denominations makes them an affordable and accessible option for everyone.

How much is a $100 steam gift card in Naira? 

If you have unused Steam cards and want to sell them, you may be wondering how much they are worth in Naira. 

Fortunately, the Giftcard8 gift card calculator allows you to easily check the Naira value of any gift card. As of now, a $500 Steam card is valued at #273,350 on the Giftcard8 app. You can sell your Steam cards and other gift cards for instant cash on the app. Giftcard8 is a reliable platform for trading gift cards for cash.

How to get started with Giftcard8. 

After downloading the app, sign up is just within seconds and doesn't require much details to sign up. 

Login to your Giftcard8 account and where you can trade your steam gift card is the number one on the list.. 

Use the calculator to check and see how much your gift card worth in Naira. And once seen, scroll down the screen and click to sell your gift card by following the process.