How to make money on YouTube - easy tricks. (see how)

How to make money on YouTube - easy tricks.

If you're looking to make money from creating videos, YouTube can be a great platform to start with. While becoming an overnight success and earning thousands of dollars may seem like a long shot, you can still make money quickly if you have a dedicated subscriber base. In this beginner-friendly guide, we'll discuss some of the basic steps you need to take to start making money on YouTube.

YouTube has to do with video creators, creating unique and high quality contents can be a daunting task, as the day breaks, the same do everyone gets to discover new strategies to become a successful online earners.
We have packed this article with helpful tips to become a successful YouTuber.
Steps to start making money on YouTube.

1: Choose your niche.

When thinking of making money daily from YouTube, choosing a profitable niche is one important thing to consider first. Because your Google AdSense advert revenue displayed on your channel will depends on your niche. 
Some niches do gives high cpc and cpm, while some gives low cpc and cpm. 

Selecting a YouTube niche is a crucial decision that determines the overall theme of your channel, which viewers will use to evaluate whether your content is right for them or not. 

However, selecting a niche is just the beginning. You also need to consider YouTube's recommendation system, which analyzes your channel's genre to provide recommendations to people with similar interests. If your content is all over the place, you may receive fewer recommendations than someone with a more focused channel.

A YouTube niche refers to a specific genre or subgenre that a content creator explores in their content. Some of the most popular niches on YouTube include:

• Gaming. 
• Cooking. 
• Technology. 
• Makeup and beauty. 
• Fitness. 
• Pets and animals. 
• Health. 
• Finance. 
• Business. 
• Comedy. 
• Music. 
• Sports. 
And many more.

If you're looking to find the perfect niche for your YouTube channel, there are five effective ways to do so. Firstly, you need to evaluate yourself and determine what you can do well, such as speaking, teaching, or performing activities that can grab people's attention and make them remember your channel's name.

Another strategy is to choose a niche within a niche: 

 This approach involves narrowing down your content to specific areas that will appeal to a specific audience. For instance, if you plan to launch a comedy channel, you could focus on specific moments that could be funny, such as working in customer service, leash-training a hyper dog, or being the new employee.

• You can decide to choose a niche with less competition. 

It's challenging to stand out on YouTube if millions of other creators are already getting billions of views for the same topic. Therefore, you should choose a niche with less competition, making it easier to grow on the platform.

In conclusion to choosing a Niche, selecting a YouTube niche is a critical decision that should be taken seriously. Once you have identified your niche, you must focus on creating engaging content that will attract and retain viewers while also considering the YouTube recommendation system's requirements to ensure your channel's growth.

2: Capital to start your YouTube channel. 

We will never exclude this, to start making money from YouTube, you should at least have up to $100 to $200 to start up your business. 

Have in mind that YouTube has to do with creating and uploading videos. You need enough data to stay online and create unique and attractive videos and you also need enough data to upload videos to your channel. 

YouTubing might not be a get rich quick scheme, so during the process, you also need enough cash to run adverts for your videos, you will not really have to depend on YouTube algorithm, while still depending on YouTube algorithm to recommend your contents, you can also run ads both on social media and other platforms to drive viewers to your videos and increase your channel visibility and as well maximize your revenue. 

Not just that, creating a quality videos requires good and quality editing software, have in mind that some of these editing software might not be free of charge, so to create an attractive HD video you will have to purchase the pro version of the editing software, in order to make each of your videos looks attractive. 

3: Preparing your videos cameras, editing softwares and other necessary tools. 

Before thinking of becoming a YouTuber, setting up your video recording softwares should be one of the thing to consider, will you be able to record your videos yourself or need a videographer who will be recording while you are acting? This depends on your niche, and to start making money on YouTube, you should be ready to create and share your own personal videos to the YouTube community. 
Ensure that all necessary tools are in place. 

After choosing your favorite niche, gathering up your capital to start business, and setting up all your video recording equipments and other necessary equipments, below are the next steps to move to. 

1: Create your YouTube channel. 

If you want to start making money on YouTube, creating an account is the first step. You can either create a new account or use your existing one. Adding relevant keywords to your channel is an important step to help people find your content. You can do this by navigating to the Advanced section of your Channel Settings and adding keywords that are relevant to your content.

Choosing a suitable username for your channel. 

Choosing a username that is short, memorable, and original can also help you to stand out and be more easily remembered by viewers. If you're using an existing account, you can change your username by editing it on your Google+ account. Keep in mind, however, that you can only change your username three times at most before you have to wait 90 days to change it again.

When choosing your username, it's important to consider the impact it can have on your brand. Your username should reflect your content and be easy to remember. You don't want a username that is too complicated or hard to spell, as this can make it difficult for viewers to find you.

• Another important factor to consider when setting up your account is your channel art. This is the banner that appears at the top of your channel page, and it's a great way to showcase your brand and make your channel more visually appealing. Make sure that your channel art is eye-catching, professional, and relevant to your content.

Once you've created your account and added keywords, it's time to start creating content. Remember that the key to making money on YouTube is to create content that is valuable and engaging to your viewers. You'll need to consistently produce high equality content and engage with your audience to build a strong following. 

Summarizing, creating an account on YouTube is the first step to making money on the platform. Adding relevant keywords and choosing a memorable username can help you to build your brand and attract more viewers. With dedication and hard work, you can start earning money from your YouTube videos in no time.

2: Learn to create high equality videos. 

Creating high equality content is essential to building a successful YouTube channel and earning money. As you create and upload content, you will likely learn as you go and discover ways to improve the quality of your videos.

One way to improve the quality of your videos is to invest in better equipment, such as a better camera or editing software. However, you don't need to break the bank to create great content. Simple techniques like using a tripod, improving lighting, and enlisting the help of a friend can also improve the quality of your videos.

If you don't have access to professional lighting, you can film near a sunny window or even outside to take advantage of natural light. It's important to experiment with different filming techniques and find what works best for you and your content.

Consistently uploading content is also crucial to building an audience and earning money on YouTube. When you upload videos regularly, your audience knows when to expect new content and is more likely to subscribe to your channel.

To help your videos get discovered, it's important to tag them with relevant keywords and an eye-catching description. This will help your videos appear in YouTube searches and attract more viewers.

Summarizing - improving the quality of your content and uploading videos regularly are keys to building a successful YouTube channel and earning money. Whether it's through investing in better equipment or trying new filming techniques, the more effort you put into your videos, the more likely you are to attract a dedicated following. By tagging your videos with relevant keywords and descriptions, you can help your content get discovered and reach a wider audience.

3: Start monetizing your YouTube channel. 

This is the important part of the game, making money from YouTube is every creator's dream, almost everyone wants to earn money from YouTube, but to become a successful YouTube creator isn't a day task. 
After you must have created your channel and setting up all necessary tools in place to become a successful video creator, below are simple guidelines to start making money from your YouTube channel. 

Join the YouTube partnership program and meet up with the requirements. 

 To be able to earn money from YouTube you will have to join the YouTube partner program, and to be accepted to benefit from the YouTube partner program you must meet up with the requirements without violating any policy associated to it. It's important to note that YouTube regularly updates its policies, so it's always a good idea to double-check the current requirements before applying.

To be eligible for the YouTube partner program, your content must adhere to YouTube's monetization policies, which include rules on:

• Copyright. 
• Community guidelines. 
• And other monetization policies. 

This means that you must own or have permission to use any content featured in your videos, and your videos must not promote violence, hate speech, or illegal activities. Also, you must follow YouTube's terms of service, which include guidelines on: 

• Spam. 
• Scams.
• and other prohibited practices.

In addition to meeting the policy requirements, your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers and have accumulated 4,000 hours of watch time over the past 12 months. 

Once you meet these requirements, you can apply to join the YouTube partnership program. After your application is approved, you can enable monetization in your YouTube Studio and start earning revenue from ads that play before or during your videos.

However, to effectively monetize your content, it's important to follow YouTube's rules on monetization and avoid certain pitfalls that can scare away potential advertisers. 

For example, you should avoid creating controversy with misleading or false statements or using excessive bad language, as these can make your content less appealing to advertisers. Also, be careful not to mislead viewers with thumbnail previews or include unnecessarily shocking content.

One way to enhance your videos and make them more appealing to potential advertisers is to license high-quality background music. Using licensed music not only helps you avoid copyright issues but can also make your videos more engaging and enjoyable for viewers. Platforms like Lickd offer a wide selection of licensed music that you can use in your videos.

Summarizing - joining the YouTube Partner Program and monetizing your content requires following YouTube's monetization policies, meeting certain requirements, and avoiding certain pitfalls. By staying Up to date on the latest policies and guidelines, licensing quality background music, and creating high equality, engaging content, you can increase your chances of success on YouTube.

After meeting up with the YouTube partnership program requirements, below are simple step to monetize your content

Sign up for Google AdSense account and connect it to your YouTube channel. 

To earn real money from your YouTube channel you are to sign up for Google AdSense and follow all necessary steps to make sure that your Google AdSense account is connected with your YouTube channel.

AdSense is an advertising network owns by Google to help advertisers promote their products and services to their targeted audience. Also, adsense also helps publishers like YouTube video creators and bloggers to monetize their contents through the displaying of adverts on their contents, and when a visitor clicks on adverts, revenue is automatically generated for the publisher. Though there are many other advertising networks, but adsense is said to be the highest paying ad network to earn money from your contents, but the chances of getting Google AdSense approval is not always easy.

Other sure way you can earn money from YouTube as a creator.

1: Through YouTube premium. 

YouTube Premium is a subscription based service provided by YouTube that offers a range of exclusive features to its members. These include ad-free viewing, the ability to download videos for offline playback, and background playback, among other benefits.

Creators often wonder how YouTube Premium affects their ability to monetize their content through ads. The good news is that creators will continue to receive payment for their content even if it is watched by YouTube Premium users.

YouTube Premium subscription revenue is distributed to creators at the start of each month, in the same way as ad revenue payments. The amount of revenue that creators receive from Premium members watching their videos will depend on the amount of watch time and engagement their content receives from those subscribers.

While YouTube Premium can provide an additional source of revenue for creators, it's important not to rely solely on it for monetization. It's still important to focus on building a strong audience and creating high equality content that engages viewers and encourages them to watch and share your videos.

In conclusion to YouTube premium, YouTube Premium offers a range of benefits for both creators and subscribers, and it does not impact the ability of creators to monetize their content through ads. While subscription revenue can provide an additional source of income, it's important for creators to focus on creating engaging content and building a strong audience in order to maximize their revenue potential on the platform.

2: Through paid sponsorship. 

Paid sponsorships are popular ways for brands and businesses to promote their products and services through content creators. These sponsorships involve paying creators to showcase, use, or discuss a particular product in their videos, and can benefit all parties involved, including the brand, creator, and viewers.

While sponsorships can be difficult to obtain, they can be a highly rewarding form of monetization for creators with a large following. To secure sponsorships, creators can pitch to relevant brands within their niche, showcasing their past work, YouTube analytics, and engagement rates to demonstrate their value to the brand.

In conclusion to monetizing YouTube content, there are other various ways for creators to monetize their content on YouTube, from paid sponsorships and affiliate marketing to channel memberships, patronage, and merchandise sales. By leveraging these different strategies, creators can generate income and build a sustainable career on the platform.