NowNow review - is NowNow app a scam or legit?

NowNow review - is NowNow app a scam or legit?

NowNow is Nigerian online payments app which was released since 2017.
NowNow supports the sending and receiving of money between many banks in Nigeria, there are many things to do with this application as it offer many other services including the purchasing of airtime and data.

Sending and receiving funds is what people does in a daily life, but how can we get to know a reliable app for sending money without giving any form of transaction failure?
With NowNow, you can securely make and manage your payments online with ease within your expected time.
It offers a peer to peer transaction, enabling users to securely make payments to any other bank in Nigeria.

Getting to learn more about this app is one best decision, and below are some of the important things you might want to ask before getting to use the app in order to avoid any losses of money. 

Important things to know before getting to use the NowNow mobile banking application: 

1: How reliable is this app in making transfer to other banks?

before starting to use any mobile banking app for making transaction, this is one important question to ask, no body ever wants to loss money online to any application and it could be so annoying, a good banking app should be able to protect it user's funds at all cost, to ensure that the experience of users are okay and satisfied.

making transfer on the app is reliable and we can only give it a three stars for now, with the NowNow mobile banking app, you can securely transfer money to different banks in Nigeria. Like said earlier, due to one reason or the other, we can only give the app a 3 star rating at the moment, to prove how secure and reliable it is when it comes to making transfer.

2: How reliable is this app in Withdrawal?

good mobile banking app must ensure that users are satisfied when it comes to making transaction at all cost.
with the NowNow banking app, you can securely withdraw your funds either using the NowNow virtual card, transferring to NowNow pos agent for cash withdrawal or by transferring to your preferred bank account for withdrawal.

In conclusion to transferring and withdrawal of funds, have it in mind that NowNow charges transaction fees, meaning that withdrawals and transferring is not free, there are fees for every transaction you make on the platform. The fees charged depends on the level of the transaction and it could be the higher the transaction, the higher the fee.

 Other important things you can benefits from the app.

1: Airtime and data purchasing.

These are important things in everyday life, selling of airtime is one of the important thing every banking app should feature or else they may end up losing the interest of customers, if your current banking app can not sell airtime or process airtime purchases properly, how would you feel? with enough funds in your bank app wallet which you can use and purchase your airtime directly instead of visiting a physical store or having to transfer to another app for airtime purchase? 

with the nownow app, purchasing of airtime and data is one of the thing you can benefits, with enough funds in your nownow wallet, you can securely purchase your airtime and data in no time.

In conclusion to airtime and data purchases, have in mind that this app might not be the best when comes to purchasing airtime and data, as some times you might encounter one failure or the other, so in situation where you encounter any transaction failure, it is recommend to contact the support team for assistance. 

2: Paying bills and others.

If you are new to NowNow banking application, paying your bills online is one of the thing you could benefit from the app as you can securely make your bills payment online through the NowNow banking app.
be it electricity bill, TV bill or something else, you can stay at home and make your payment easily with no stress, safe and secured.

In conclusion to bills payment, we didn't find anything negative about using the app to pay bills online, but this means nothing, as the app might not be perfect, you might still encounter one system failure which might lead to one problem or the other during transaction.

How can I apply for NowNow debit card?

NowNow, as a registered banking company, they also offer debit card to users which enables them to withdraw funds from their account through any pos agent's store.

To apply for NowNow debit card, After creating your account successfully, login to your NowNow account, in the top front of your account, click on the screen that looks exactly like a debit card image, once entered, scroll down and click on "activate card" then follow the on screen prompt to complete your account setup, it is recommended to contact customer support team if you encounter any problem while trying to setup your debit card.

NowNow customer support service review.

Concerning NowNow customer support service, we are proud to say that it is top notch, fast and reliable, during our test to see how reliable it is, we were surprised at their fast response and it was within the same minute.

this is one way to prove how reliable the platform is compared to other banking platforms.

In conclusion to NowNow customer support service, have it in mind that the customer support service might not be 24/7, and the answers might depends on your question as they might not be there to chat for fun.

Is NowNow app a scam app?

No, NowNow is a registered banking company with a physical location, their mobile banking app was launch since 2017. 
Nownow is not a scam app as it is licence by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) and also insured by other agency organization to ensure that all transactions within the app is secured.

Below are common things that could make you think the app is scam.

• Transferring and withdrawal failure or delay.
• Airtime and data purchases failure or delay.

This app is marked a a legitimate banking app, have in mind that the app might not be perfect at all means, in a situation where you encounter any form of failure, it is recommended to reach out to your account manager, contacting customer support is just within the app and you could get a solution to your request within the specific time.

common things to know about NowNow platform.

1: Transaction limitations.

Every newly registered users are automatically given level one which only allow a daily transaction limit of 50,000 naira, meaning that you can not send out more than 50,000 naira everyday and also, you would not be allowed to have more than 100,000 naira in your account balance.

to increase your limit, you will have to upgrade to a higher level which might require important identity document from you for identity verification.

In addition to verifying your identity on the app, you might find it hard to bypass the verification process, in a situation like this, it is recommend to contact customer support team for assistant.

2: Your phone Number used while signing up is your account number.

this might be little difficult for users to discover, have in mind that your phone number which you use for signing up with NowNow is going to be your NowNow account number, so you should be sure of the kind phone number you use for registration.

How to get started with NowNow?

This could be a right decision, to get started with NowNow you must be a Nigerian at the moment.
you can find the NowNow app either from Google play store or other apps store, find and download, install, open and move to creating your account.