Paripay complete review, is legit or scam?

Paripay complete review, is legit or scam? 

Paripay is a new Nigerian website that allows users to earn points for using the website.
The platform claims to open many ways for users to earn revenue for using the website and staying active everyday.

As a user of the platform who just join but do not have much idea of how it works, we have packed this article with unique and complete reviews of how the platform works, how to earn money from it and many other necessary things needed to know.

Be you new to the platform or already an old user, it is recommended to take time to read this to the bottom to avoid regretting in case of anything.
1: How to earn money on the website (paripay). 

There are many ways in which users can earn, according to the platform, users can earn as much as possible only if they pay to upgrade to a higher plan.

Not just that, whether you upgrade your account or not, you can still earn money for using the website. Bellow are simple ways of earning on the platform. 

Watch videos. 

As a user of paripay, watching videos is one of the way you can earn on the platform. 
For every free plan user, you can earn 100 points daily when you view and watch any video on the platform. 
To earn more, it will require you to upgrade to a higher plan. 

Daily Login. 

Visiting the website daily creates a chance of earning, as a user of the platform, be you on free plan or upgraded account, you can earn 20 points daily when you login to the website everyday. 


This is one way of making money on the platform, but sad to say that it is only those who upgrade their account level are allowed to use this feature of spinning. 

Referral program. 

Every user of paripay are eligible to earn more by getting their unique referral link and sharing to invite others to join the website. 
This is also the fastest way of making money on the platform, users can earn up to 100 points per every new user they invite to join and participate in the platform. 

There are many other ways in which users can earn from the platform, It could be the more you keep using the website, the more you get to discover new features. 

How can I withdraw from paripay? 

On the website after signing up and becoming a valid member, click on the top menu button at the top right hand side of your screen and more options will opens, click on dashboard and you will be taken to your main profile where many other options are available. Click on withdraw button as you can see in the image below. 

Withdrawal methods:


Bank transfer. 

To withdraw from the platform, you must reach the minimum withdrawal amount to withdraw which is 4,000 points.

Platform points conversion.

Bank transfer - available for Nigerians only. 

2000 points = ₦1,250. 
6000 points = ₦5000. 
10,000 points = ₦20,000. 
12,000 points = ₦40,000. 

CRYPTO - Available for all countries. 

8000 points = $13 usdt. 
10,000 points = $26 usdt. 
12,000 points = $52 usdt. 
14000 points = $106 usdt. 
16,000 points = $212 usdt. 
20,000 points = $852 usdt.

According to the platform, users can also deposits and withdraw via crypto.

How can I earn by watching videos? 

As far as you are already a member of the platform, login to the platform, be you on free plan or upgraded plan and in your account dashboard, click on "rewarded videos", once you are in, click to watch any YouTube video found.

How can I get my paripay account referral link? 

Every user of the platform are entitled to earn more through referral program, you can earn higher daily by just copying, and sharing your referral link, be it on social media or chat groups, but be careful to avoid getting banned for spamming the social media or chat group community. 

To get your referral link, login to your paripay account and head over to your account dashboard where you will see the "share" button, click on it and it will automatically link you to where you can get your referral link. 

I am a user of paripay currently on free plan, is it possible that I can earn up to 500 points daily?  

For bank transfer, the minimum to withdraw is currently 4,000 points, while checking the platform and going through it, we can boldly say that it is quite impossible for those who are on free plan to earn even up to 100 points except on the first day of joining. 
The only way you can earn up to 500 points is if you are good at inviting others, then you can easily earn up to 1,000 points per day. 

Is paripay paying users? 

We have not seen any withdrawal proves from users of the platform yet as the platform is still new. But it might be paying users in one way or the other. 

Is paripay a legit platform or a Scam? 

We can not say this platform is scam, and at the same time we do not trust it, depositing your hard-earned money to the platform in order to upgrade account and earn higher is at your own risk. Why? Because there have been many platforms like this which ended up wrongly and leaving users aside.