Top legit and safe apps to save money in Nigeria that pays higher interests

Top legit and safe apps to save money in Nigeria that pays high interests.

You can now save and earn up to 15% of your saving per annum.
Saving money online is one quick and legitimate way of earning money online with no stress, but the problem now is that, how can we get to discover a safe and reliable app to hand over our money to save for us?

That's the main reason for this article, we have come up with top and legitimate saving apps that will help you keep your money and as well giving you a peace of mind on your savings.

As we all know, there are hundreds of scam saving apps that are ready to devour anyone that crosses their way. The apps listed below are tested and trusted and they're sure legitimate apps that will for sure make your experience better and secure your funds even if you come back after 7 years to claim.

1: Herconomy.

When thinking of an app to save your funds online, herconomy is one of the apps to look at, this is one of the top apps we can recommend for you as it offer cool and convenient ways for it users to save their money securely for future purposes.

Never ignore the app because it is the coolest saving app we can highly recommend for you at the moment. 

Herconomy, a Nigerian saving app, it offers great features for users, to help make their saving experience better and easier, it offer automatic saving which enables users to automatically save money to the app whether daily, weekly or monthly, to make it easier for them. 

There are different savings options on the app in which you can select your preferred method. 

• Vault. 
• Float. 
• Plans
And others. 


Vault allows you to automate your savings be it on a daily basis or weekly or monthly. 
And with the method, you won't have to bother yourself on how to be sending funds to your saving account because everything will work automatically. 


Float allows users to save and earn up to 8% annually, and the funds in your float account can be withdrawn at anytime be it for emergency or other purposes.

Herconomy is not just a saving app, but it is an app to help build your future to the next level, saving money with the app is made easier.

How secured is Herconomy?

When it comes to account security, we could say herconomy is top, each logins that occur in your account comes with a notification which is sent to your registered email address instantly to help you take action if it was not really you.

How much can I earn annually for investing with herconomy app? 

The annual interest you earn from the amount you save on the app depends on the saving method you choose for saving. 


Using this saving box to save on the app enables you to earn up to 9% annually, that is (huge?) not enough? You can earn higher depending on the amount you save. 


This is the highest paying box, it enables users to save automatically be it on a daily basis, weekly or monthly, and with it you can earn up to %10 annually. 


With the box, users are given freedom of withdrawal and money in it is saved for emergencies, if you choose to save in to this asset, you will earn up to 8% of your savings annually. 

There is other remaining saving asset, that one mainly focuses on partnering with someone else to save, choosing it might be a right choice as well. 

How can I earn extra money from herconomy saving app. 

Refer and earn. 

The app offers referral program which enables each verified user to invite others to use the app and in return get paid up to 700 naira when the invitee save continuously, at least above 5,000 naira. 
That is a cool way to earn money with no stress, as a valid user of the app, get hold on your unique referral link or code and look for those who would love to save their money just like you and ensure they are registered. You get paid 700 naira cash for successful job done. 

Becoming an agent. 

You can earn more with much of your efforts, using your referral link to invite others to the app is a fantastic way to earn cool money when your invitee save at least up to 5,000 naira, at least for 30 days. 
Not only that, you can also stand a chance to upgrade to an agent level when you're able to invite up to 10 valid users to the platform, and it will enable you to earn up to 0.5% of any amount they continuously save to the app be it daily, weekly, or monthly. 
It is an opportunity to earn fast money online with no stress. 

Minor question you might want to ask about the herconomy app.

Is it safe to turn off saving interest for my savings on the app? 

This could be one of the coolest question. According to the app, it gives options for users to decide if they need interest from their saving or not, the option is mainly for some minor reasons (Muslims). It's your choice if you want to get saving interest or not.

2: Piggyvest.

Maybe you have never heard of piggyvest? We could say it is the king of all saving apps in Nigeria as it offers ways for users to save and invest their money into different assets for future purposes.

Piggyvest is one of the Nigerian oldest saving and investing company that was launched since 2016. The platform was formally known as piggybank, it was rebranded from piggybank to piggyvest in 2019.
Piggyvest, is one of the best online saving app here in Nigeria and it is highly recommended to use as it offer different ways to save and invest money.

Common things to know about piggyvest.

Active customer support service.

Ever looking for a saving app that offers experts to help you in times of needs? Then you should take a look at piggyvest, the platform offer active customer support to help make the experience of it users better.
If you encounter any problem with the app, it is recommended to contact support either via email or given mobile phone number.

Fast withdrawal. 

This is one of the things to know about piggyvest, withdrawing from the app is fast and reliable as you can get your money instantly after order as everything works automatically, the platform offers different options for withdrawals, which are pocket app and to bank. 

Never add any account details for withdrawal that carries a different identity from the one of your piggyvest account. 

This is to help make your saving journey and experience with piggyvest better. To avoid any form of frustration while using the platform, it is recommended; during withdrawal not to use an account details that does not carry an identity with that of your piggyvest account, if you do, it might lead to account restrictions which will require you to contact customer support to verify your identity and unlock your account. 

How reliable is piggyvest and why do I need to use it?

Like said earlier, piggyvest is one of the best and legitimate online saving company in Nigeria that also offer investment opportunities for users.
Saving money with the piggyvest app is made easier as it opens different ways of saving including auto savings to help make your experience better.

As a person who really cares about keeping money for future use, your bank might not really help you keep your money comfortably, so in a situation like this, choosing piggyvest for saving your money might be a right decision because the platform offers ways in which you can use to grow your money, from investing in to different assets to saving in to different assets and by the time you need the money it would grow beyond your expectation. 

Piggyvest is very reliable and safe for those who wants to earn cool saving interests, there are thousands of Nigerians saving with piggyvest, so on our list here, piggyvest is one of the recommended saving platforms to consider. 

Provides investment opportunities. 

Using piggyvest platform for saving is a great way to maximize your funds within a short period of time. like said earlier, piggyvest offer many ways of saving, Nigerian users can also convert their naira to dollar and save in dollar to generate higher profits and during withdrawal, the dollars can be converted back to naira for withdrawal.

Not just saving, the platform also provides investment opportunities in which users can jump in and invest, and the amount earned for investing is far higher than that of saving up to 19% and less depending, and some investment may be for nine months, six months or anyhow possible. Obviously, investment opportunities on the platform is not constant, it comes once in a while 

Does piggyvest offers referral program that users can refer and earn?

Currently, piggyvest referral program is not available, though you may still find a place to get your referral link claiming you will earn 1,000 naira per referral, but that is not true. 

If you don't want to feel deceived by the app, it is advisable not to wasting time to share your referral link with the intend of getting paid. 

Piggyvest does not pay any referral commissions, but it seems like it did while it was still new. 
But despite that, there is a different way in which you can still earn free cashback on the app, that is through saving all the time. You earn points when you save always and the points can be converted to real cash for withdrawal.

Other saving apps you might like

1 : Cowrywise

Cowrywise is a remarkable savings and investment app in Nigeria, making it effortless for users to plan and manage their finances. One of its standout features is an interest calculator that calculates the potential earnings over a given time frame.

Popular features of cowrywise app. 

Regular Savings. 

With Cowrywise, it's easy to schedule regular savings, whether daily, weekly, or monthly. Users simply need to specify the amount they want to save and the frequency, and Cowrywise will automatically handle the rest.

Saving Circles. 

This feature allows users to create and share savings goals with a community. It's like a friendly savings competition that can motivate and encourage individuals to reach their financial objectives.

Halal Saving. 

This plan is designed specifically for Muslim users who want to save without receiving interest. Halal Savings is 100% interest-free, so users can feel confident that they won't receive any interest profits at the end of their savings period.

2: Kuda bank. 

Experience the benefits of digital banking with Kuda Bank, a free digital bank with a microfinance banking license from the Central Bank of Nigeria.

This license guarantees the trustworthiness of Kuda Bank, making it a reliable choice for managing your finances.


Kuda Bank offers a range of features designed to help you monitor your spending habits, save more, and make informed financial decisions. The bank also offers up to 25 free transfers to other banks each month, providing you with greater flexibility and convenience.

In addition to free transfers, Kuda Bank also offers impressive returns on your savings. With the flexible savings plan, you can save towards your goals and earn up to 10% interest on your savings. The fixed savings plan offers even greater returns, with an interest rate of up to 15% for a stated period.

With its range of features, flexible savings options, and high returns, Kuda Bank is a standout choice for anyone looking to take control of their finances.

3: Sumo Trust. 

 Sumo Trust is an innovative savings app designed specifically for Nigerians. This app provides a simple yet effective solution for managing your income, making savings and investments with ease. Sumo Trust offers three different money making plans that cater to the diverse needs of its users.

The Main Savings Plan. 

This plan offers flexibility in choosing your savings frequency - daily, weekly, or monthly. Withdrawals are only allowed on pre-set withdrawal dates, but the reward for this plan is a generous 10% annual interest rate.

Fixed Savings Plan. 

For those who prefer long-term savings, the Fixed Savings Plan is an ideal choice. With this plan, you won't have access to your funds for a year, giving you an opportunity to earn up to 15% profit annually.

Mission Savings Plan.

This plan is specifically tailored for users with specific savings goals in mind. Simply set a target amount, and start saving until you reach your goal. This plan does not offer any profit interest, making it perfect for mission critical savings.

Sumo Trust makes managing your finances easier than ever. With its user friendly interface, diverse savings options, and high returns, it's no wonder why it's a highly recommended app for all Nigerians.