Trump Farm review, is Trump Farm legit or big scam? (see more)

Trump Farm review, is Trump Farm legit or big scam?

Trump Farm is a platform in which user can invest and earn up to 12% daily as investment profits. 
Want to start investing to the platform? If yes, for your own safety kindly take a look at the following. 

1: High daily investment profits. 

This is one of the thing to consider about the platform, the daily earning it promises seems too high. Have in mind that most platforms which claims to pays users this way don't last long, and investing is at your own risk. 

According to the platform, users can earn upto 12% of the amount they invest daily and every new registered user receives a welcome reward of 50 dollars to use and get started.
Your earnings on the platform depends on your vip level, the higher your vip level, the higher your daily earnings. 

Is this platform legit or scam?

We do not have any right of calling this platform a scam platform, and at the same time we didn't find any valid information to use and qualify the platform as a legit investment platform.

Have in mind that investing to the platform is highly at your own risk and you should be ready to take such risk alone because we think the platform might not be safe in one way or the other.