watch video daily earn money review - real or fake?

watch video daily earn money review - real or fake?

Watch video daily earn money, the app might not be a reliable app at the moment after going through a lot of test on it.
This is the app that claims to allow users earn coins that can be converted to real cash for withdrawal. To avoid wasting your time and data, below are important things to look into before going deeper with the app.

App logo:

1: This app is monetized with Google adverts.

Before believing to get paid by any earning application, first of all find to see and know how the app generates it own revenue to be able to pay out as it promises.
This app is monetized with adverts, showing that it main source of income is from the advertisements it users watches daily.
Looking deeper, we can say it will be very impossible to get paid by the app because most of the advert companies pays it publishers when someone clicks on advert and complete an action.
As a user of the app, how many adverts of the app have you clicked and completed an action so far since you downloaded it and started using? If you haven't clicked on any, then tell how the app will be able to pay you.
You could end up generating revenue for the management of the app and at the end you don't get paid because the adverts you watches everyday on the app may not generate enough revenue for the app management to use and pay you as a reward for using their app.

Is this app paying users?

During our recent research, there was no prove found that the app is paying users, the app also offer different ways for users to earn, we also discovered that it is very difficult to reach the app minimum withdrawal threshold.

Other things to know before using the app.

1: Too many advertisement.

As a new user to the app, this is one important thing to know about the app before using. Before you can even get to the app earning point you will jump from one advert to the other.
Have it in mind that the money the app promises to be paying users is generated from the adverts users watches everyday. To start using the app you should be ready to watch ads.

Is this app real or fake? 

During our recent research about the app, we were unable to find any prove of payment from users, to show that the app is paying. However, getting to use the app is at your own risk because we didn't find anything to use and call this app a fake app.