Cashbox review: is cashbox legit or a waste of time? is cashbox real or fake?

Cashbox is an app that claims to allow users earn by performing tasks, signing up on other websites, watching advertisements videos, claiming free coins, referring people and many others.

Alright, since the app claims to be legit, we will be able to see that clearly and openly here.
Earning money online through apps nowadays have become popular and there are many apps on ground to choose from, but the biggest question is, which of them is really legit? Or which of them is scam?
Since there are many fake apps, it has become more difficult to successfully earn from apps online.
Before we can know if this app called cashbox is paying or not paying, let's first get to see it earning features.
And we also want to let you understand one thing, we want to let you know that we are not in any business with the admin of this app called cashbox, meaning that we are not one the promoters of cashbox, so we just want to help you make an informed decision whether to continue using the app or not. And we also want to let you know if this app is paying or just a waste of time.

ways to earn money on cashbox:

cashbox offer some earning options for users to choose from even though it's not really much. 

once you login to the app, you will be able to see some options that will enable you to click and claim free points and sometimes dollar. Before the app even allow you to earn, it will first give you advert to watch. 

Before you start using this app and hope you will get paid, one important thing you should keep in mind is that the app generates it own daily income from adverts.

Now let's get deeper, since this app depends on the adverts users watch from it, how will it be able to pay users such high amount it promises?

One popular way to earn big from the app is it referral program. It offer 2 dollars per new user invited to join the platform, now as a user of the platform, if you get serious and be able to refer up to 10 people daily which gives $20. The question now is that, since this app depends on the advertisement users watches to generate it own income, how many adverts will users watch in order for it to be able to pay each user up to $20 daily?

Most of these advertising network pays it publishers per view, per click and per action, not just that, some of them before you can earn much is per action, meaning that someone must view the advert, click on it and follow the link and perform an action such as installing an app or sign up on a website.

Concerning cashbox, we very well know that most of it users only watch the advert without even attempting to click on it.

Now if we want to follow all these, we can say that the amount cashbox promise to pay users is far higher than the one it earns daily.

So how do we now conclude this? Is cashbox a big scam? a waste of time and data? or a fake app?

At this point the only thing that could make us see the app as a legit app is if the amount it earns daily is higher than what it offers to users. So this means that cashbox is promising what it can not afford.

Other things to know:

You may perform some of it tasks without getting rewards.

Like said earlier, you can also earn from cashbox by completing an offer such as downloading and installing an app, Signing up on a website and some others like playing games. You should never forget the fact that you may perform some of those tasks without getting rewards.

Cashbox payment options:


Cashbox only use PayPal as a payment option for users, PayPal is one of the best payment gateway that supports many countries, but since we are yet to conclude if cashbox is legit or scam, let's just keep the payment aspect aside for now.

Is cashbox legit or scam?

We already pointed out the necessary things you needed to know from the beginning. Like said earlier, cashbox generates it revenue from adverts watched by users including some of the tasks performed. Like said earlier, the amount cashbox promise users seems to be higher than it daily income. So for this reason, cashbox is an app for wasting time and data. We have not seen any withdrawal proofs from users that this app is paying.