Confero review: Is Confero Mystery Shopping Legit or scam?

Confero is a well-respected company that specializes in providing customer experience research services to a wide range of national brands, as well as independent growth companies. They offer a variety of services that allow these businesses to better understand the experiences of their customers and identify areas for improvement.

One of the key services that Confero provides is mystery shopping. As a mystery shopper, you will be tasked with visiting businesses and evaluating their products, services, and overall customer experience. This can include everything from making purchases and interacting with employees to assessing the cleanliness and organization of the physical space.

To become a mystery shopper for Confero, you will first need to complete your profile and pass a certification test. Once you have done so, you will be able to view and apply for available assignments in your area. Some assignments may require you to make purchases, while others may simply involve observing and reporting on your experiences.

Once you have completed your assignment, you will need to submit a report to Confero for review. If your report meets their requirements, you will receive the compensation promised for the assignment.

Confero offers a great opportunity for individuals who are interested in earning some extra money by performing mystery shopping tasks. 

How much can you earn per task on confero?

The amount you can earn on the platform can vary depending on where you live, since confero has to do with Shopping, then if you live in a big town where there are many stores who partner with confero, it will create you more chances of getting more jobs to do on confero and this will definitely increase your chances of making more money. Actually, you can expect to earn from $20 and above depending on the offer you're given.

Confero Payment System: How to Get Paid for Your Assignments.

As a mystery shopper on Confero, getting paid for your work is crucial. In this article, let's take a closer look at the payment system of Confero and what you need to know to get paid for your assignments.

Whenever you complete an assignment on Confero, you will receive a certain amount of compensation, which will be credited to your Confero account balance. Some assignments may require you to spend money, but don't worry, you will be reimbursed for the expenses you incurred, as long as your submission is approved. The reimbursement will be credited to your Confero account balance together with the compensation promised.

The only payment method that Confero offers is PayPal, so it’s important that you have a verified PayPal account before you start working on the platform. PayPal is a secure and convenient way to receive payment online, and it’s used by many other freelance platforms as well.

In terms of payment scheduling, Confero has a set timeline for issuing compensation. If you submit a report between the 1st and 15th of the month, you can expect to receive your payment between the 25th and 30th day of the following month. For reports submitted between the 16th and 31st of the month, payment will be issued between the 10th and 15th day of the second following month.

While there is a bit of a wait time before you receive your payment, the good news is that Confero doesn't have a minimum payout threshold. This means that as long as you’ve earned something, you will receive your payment according to the schedule laid out by Confero.

It’s also worth noting that some assignments on Confero may offer bonuses or additional compensation. Make sure to read the assignment details carefully to ensure that you understand the compensation structure and any requirements for receiving additional compensation.

Getting paid for your assignments on Confero is a straightforward process, as long as you have a verified PayPal account and submit your reports on time. By understanding the payment system of Confero and keeping track of your assignments, you can ensure that you receive your compensation in a timely and efficient manner.

Is confero legit or scam?

Confero is a well-established business company, and probably can't be tagged as a scam at the moment.
As far as you are qualify for any assignment and get it done properly, you will get paid your earnings anytime.

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