Machinery income review: Is machinery income legit or scam?

Were you looking for an investment platform to invest your money and have a peace of mind? machinery income in one of the platform to invest your money, but we are here to help you make an informed decision whether to invest your money with this platform or not, or if this platform is scam or not.

Things you should know before we proceed:

There are many investment platforms, but it's difficult to identify a legit one and a scam one. This is why you're here, you are here to find out if machinery income is a scam or not. Before we go further with this review, we want you to know that this article is not sponsored by the founders of this platform called machinery income, and we are not partaking in the platform referral program. What are we trying to say? we are trying to let you understand that this article is to protect you from online scam and not to make you fall for online scam. When it comes to do with investing money we always take it serious, because no one wants to loss money to a scam platform. So, we are not here to promote this app and at the same time we are not here to condemn it, that is why you will not find any referral link in this page.

What is Machinery income and how does it works?

Machinery income is an online investment platform that focuses on helping users invest their money and earn daily investment returns. The platform offer various machines to invest in, the higher the machine rank you invest in, the higher your daily investment returns.
This platform only offer app for users to use, meaning that it does not work on a website but the website it has is only for downloading the app and not for investing. Machinery income has a very nice and user-friendly interface to help make the experience of users better. The app is so easy to navigate, making it easy for users who do not really have experience with online apps to easily go through the app and finds what they need.

Before we be able to conclude if this app called machinery income is a scam or legit, let's get to see how to earn from the platform and how much it offers per investment plan. From here we will be able to know if it is a scam platform to be far away from or if it is a reliable investment platform.

Machinery income investment plans:

Machinery income offers various machines to choose from, the higher your machine, the higher your daily investment returns.

Below are the machines it offers and the daily income:


Amount to purchase: 600 naira.
Daily income: 39 naira, Last for 2 days.


Amount to purchase: 1,000 naira.
Daily income: 40 naira last for 5 days.


Amount to purchase: 1,500 naira.
Daily income: 67.5 naira, last for 15 daily.


Amount to purchase: 2,500 naira.
Daily income: 83.33 naira, last for 30 days.

Piling Machinery:

Amount to purchase: 75,000 naira.
Daily income: 7,500 naira, last for 120 days.

Excavator 1: 

Amount to purchase: 80,000 naira.
Daily income: 8,610.53 naira.

Brilling Machine:

Amount to purchase: 40,000 naira.
Daily income: 3,700 naira, last for 100 days.

In fact if you go through the app, you will be able to see some of it machines you can purchase and earn up to 36,000 naira daily.
Now without going too far, let's move to the conclusion.

Is Machinery income legit or scam?

There are many strange things about this investment platform that you need to know, and these things are the red flags on.

1: High daily income:

Looking at the daily income the platform promise to pay out, now the question is that, is there any legit investment platform that has ever offered up to these amounts? 
If you were really wondering if this machinery income is safe for you to invest, then it daily income has already answered the question. Why? Because there is no legitimate investment platform that would offer users 36,000 naira daily just for 200,000 naira investment capital.

Now there are two options to choose from right now. 

Will you be able to take risk and make money?
Looking at all the red flags labeled on the platform, we can not tell you it is a platform that has come to stay.
But if you're ready to take risk and make money, you can invest in it, but be ready to lose your money and no one will be responsible for it.

Other important red flags to be aware of:

You can not withdraw the money you deposit until you invest it:

This is one important thing to be aware of. 
Beware of the amount you deposit to the app, because once your money enters the app you won't be able to withdraw any amount out until you invest.
The question now is that, why do we really warn you about this? And why is it dangerous?

1: You can not withdraw your daily income until the investment period is over:

This is one of the dangerous thing about the platform and we really want you to be aware of this. 

If you purchase a machine of 200,000 naira which gives daily income of 36,000 naira and it was said the machine will give you daily income of 36,000 naira daily for 150 days. Now you should know that you will not be able to withdraw the money you invested including the daily income until the 150 days are over.
Now why is this so dangerous? And why are we warning you? The main points is that the platform may crash before the 150 days are over. 

Is this platform paying users?

Probably it can be paying, but we have not seen any withdrawal proves from users, no one has been reportedly paid so far.

Our advice:

If you think the platform is safe for you, then it is advisable to invest what you can afford to lose. why? Because there have been many platforms like this which are no longer available today.