Mypoints review: Is mypoints legit or scam ☑️

MyPoints is a well-established online rewards platform that offers its users the opportunity to earn points for engaging in various activities. Founded in 1996, it has been a trusted name in the industry for over two decades and has rewarded over 10 million members with more than $236 million in gift cards and cash through PayPal.

MyPoints allows users to earn points by shopping online, taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and more. The platform is available on web browsers and has a free mobile app, making it easy for users to earn points on the go. Signing up for MyPoints is free, and users can start earning points right away.

The points earned by users can be redeemed for cash through PayPal, gift cards to popular retailers, or for credits to their United MileagePlus account. Some of the popular gift card options include:

• Amazon. 
• Barnes. 
• Noble. 
• Apple. 
And others. 

The value of the points varies depending on how they are redeemed.
We can say MyPoints is legit and not scam, also real and not fake. 

Who is best suited to use mypoints? 

When it comes to earning rewards for online activities, MyPoints is a popular choice. However, it's important to understand who the platform is best suited for before signing up.

First and foremost, online shoppers are likely to benefit the most from MyPoints. If you frequently make purchases online, MyPoints can help you earn points for your purchases. This is particularly beneficial for big online shoppers, as they will reap the most rewards.

If you spend a lot of time online, MyPoints may also be a good fit for you. The platform offers various ways to earn points, such as watching videos and taking surveys. If you already spend a lot of time online, incorporating MyPoints into your daily routine could be an easy way to earn some extra rewards.

Another group that may enjoy using MyPoints is those who enjoy sharing their opinions. By taking surveys on the platform, you can earn points for sharing your thoughts on various topics. If you enjoy taking surveys and sharing your opinions, why not earn a little something for doing it?

For those looking to earn a little extra cash, MyPoints can be a good option. The platform allows you to earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards or cash. However, it's important to note that it's only a little bit of cash, not a substantial amount. If you don't have time for a side job but don't mind doing some simple online activities in your downtime, MyPoints can be a good fit. Just remember to have realistic expectations so that you won't be disappointed.

Finally, if you're already a coupon lover, MyPoints can help you earn points for printing coupons through their platform. These coupons are for everyday items like groceries, toiletries, and pharmacy items, so you can actually use them. This can be a great way to earn points while saving money on your purchases.

MyPoints is best suited for online shoppers, people who spend a lot of time online, those who enjoy sharing their opinions, people looking to earn a little extra cash, and coupon users. By understanding who the platform is best suited for, you can decide if it's the right fit for you.

How to earn money on mypoint:

1: Sign up Reward:

The process of signing up for MyPoints is straightforward and completely free. As a new member, you have the opportunity to earn bonus points by spending $20 through MyPoints at any participating retailer within the first 30 days of membership. This bonus offer allows you to earn an additional 1,750 points, which is equivalent to a $10 gift card. It is one of the most attractive signup bonuses in the industry.

To sign up, all you need to do is visit the MyPoints website or download their free mobile app. You can then create a new account by providing some basic information, such as your name and email address. You will also need to create a password that meets the platform's security requirements.

Once you have created your account, you can start earning points by completing various activities such as: 

• Shopping online. 
• Taking surveys. 
• Watching videos. 
• Playing games. 
And more. 

MyPoints offers a broad range of options to earn points, so you can choose the activities that suit your interests and preferences.

It is worth noting that MyPoints may ask you to verify your email address during the signup process. This step is necessary to ensure the security of your account and to prevent fraudulent activities.

2: Shopping online:

MyPoints offers an excellent opportunity for users to earn points by shopping online. With over 2,000 partner retailers, including popular stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, MyPoints is undoubtedly one of the best cashback apps available for online shopping.

To start earning points, simply browse MyPoints' list of retailers and select the store where you want to shop. Once you click on the store's link, you'll be redirected to their website, where you can shop as you usually would. For every dollar you spend, you'll earn a predetermined number of points, which will be automatically credited to your MyPoints account once you've completed your purchase.

The rewards rate for shopping online varies by retailer and promotion, but MyPoints states that it can range from one to forty points per dollar spent. The more you spend, the more points you'll earn, which can quickly add up to significant rewards.

MyPoints provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to track your rewards and monitor your spending. The platform also offers regular promotions and discounts to help you maximize your earnings and save money while shopping.

3: Receipt Scanning:

If you're looking for an easy way to earn cash back on your everyday purchases, MyPoints has you covered. With the MyPoints app, you can earn points (which can be redeemed for cash) on things like groceries, gas, and more. And all you have to do is scan your receipts after any purchase made. 

Here's how it works: after you finish shopping, simply use the MyPoints app to snap a photo of your receipt. The app will automatically identify eligible purchases and credit your account with points based on your spending.

One of the best things about MyPoints receipt scanning is that it's available at a wide range of retailers. You can earn points on groceries from major supermarkets, gas purchases from popular gas stations, and even online purchases from top retailers. And with new earning opportunities added all the time, there's always a chance to earn more.

In addition to earning points on your purchases, MyPoints receipt scanning also helps you stay organized. The app keeps track of all your receipts and earnings, so you can easily see how much cash back you've earned. And with the ability to redeem your points for cash, gift cards, and other rewards, there's plenty of flexibility in how you use your earnings.

4: MyPoints Score:

Mypoints offers a free browser extension that automatically identifies earning opportunities and applies relevant coupons when you visit partner retailer sites. And just for enabling it, you'll earn an extra bonus points. 

One of the best things about mypoints browser extension is that it also applies relevant coupons and promo codes to your purchases, saving you money while you earn points. This can be especially helpful during the holiday season or when shopping for big-ticket items. With MyPoints browser extension, you can be sure you're getting the best deal possible while earning rewards.

5: Taking Surveys:

If you're looking for an easy and convenient way to make little money online, taking surveys with MyPoints could be the solution you need. MyPoints is a popular online Gpt ( get paid to) platform that also offer surveys, allowing users to earn points for sharing their opinions on various products and services. These points can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, or other rewards.

To get started with MyPoints, you will need to answer a short survey that asks for your personal information. This information helps MyPoints match you to survey opportunities that are best suited to your interests and demographics. In addition to earning 10 points for completing this survey, you can also earn 5 points for every 10 questions you answer to build your profile.

Once you're ready to take surveys, you can choose the ones that are most appealing to you based on their length and reward. While longer surveys usually offer more points, that isn't always the case, so it's worth exploring a range of options. When you begin a survey, you'll typically answer some screening questions to determine if you're a good fit for the target audience. If you are, you'll proceed to the main survey and earn the promised points upon completion. If you're not a good fit, you'll be screened out, but you'll still receive 1-5 points for trying.

However, some surveys may offer up to 2,200 points, which can add up quickly over time. Plus, just for signing up with MyPoints and completing your first 5 surveys, you'll earn $5. It really is that simple.

It's worth noting that while taking surveys with MyPoints can be a fun and easy way to earn extra cash, it's not a get-rich-quick scheme. You won't be able to replace your full-time income with survey earnings alone, but it can be a nice way to earn some extra pocket money in your spare time.

6: perk codes:

If you're a MyPoints member, you may be familiar with the platform's active social media presence. MyPoints regularly posts on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to engage with members and share exciting news and promotions.

One of the ways MyPoints engages with members on social media is by sharing "perk codes." These codes can be found on MyPoints' social media accounts, as well as throughout the MyPoints website. When you enter these codes into your MyPoints account, you can redeem them for free points.

Perk codes are an excellent way to boost your point earnings quickly and easily. They're often posted on MyPoints' social media accounts, so be sure to follow them to stay up-to-date with the latest codes. Additionally, keep an eye out for codes on the MyPoints website itself, as they may be hidden in various locations.

It's important to note that perk codes are usually only valid for a limited time. So, if you come across a code, be sure to redeem it as soon as possible to ensure that you don't miss out on any potential point earnings.

7: Reading bonus emails:

If you're looking for a quick and effortless way to earn points on MyPoints, reading BonusMail emails could be a fantastic option. These emails offer various opportunities to earn points, including simply clicking on links within the email.

When you click on links within the email, you can earn up to 5 points per click. It may not seem like much, but it can quickly add up over time, especially if you consistently read and engage with BonusMail emails.

Some of the MyPoints bonus emails feature special offers that can help you earn more points. For example, you may receive an email with an offer to sign up for a free trial of a service in exchange for a significant number of points. These offers can be an excellent way to earn points quickly, but be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up for anything.

Another fantastic aspect of bonus emails is that some of them offer the option to donate to various charities in exchange for points. This means that you can not only earn points but also support a cause you care about, all with a few clicks of your mouse.

To ensure that you're not missing out on any bonus email opportunities, be sure to check your email regularly and read every email from MyPoints. Additionally, make sure that your email address is up-to-date in your MyPoints account settings to avoid missing any essential communication from the platform.

8: printing coupons codes:

Are you looking for an easy way to save money on things you purchase regularly? MyPoints offers a free and effortless solution for this - by providing you with printable coupons that can be redeemed at your local grocery stores.

When you print a store coupon from MyPoints, you receive 1 point, and when you redeem it, you get 25 points. This means that by using MyPoints coupons, you not only save money on your shopping, but you also earn points that can be redeemed for other rewards.

The coupons offered by MyPoints cover a wide range of products, including toiletries, pet food, groceries, and more. If you are a frequent coupon user, this could be a significant opportunity to earn points while saving money on your regular purchases.

It's worth noting that although you are allowed to print as many coupons as you want, you will only earn points on the first 500 coupons you print. However, there is no limit on the number of coupons you can redeem for points.

MyPoints also offers coupon codes for online shopping, allowing you to save money at various merchants. These coupon codes could include discounts, bonuses, and other perks. For instance, you may get a 40% discount at Eddie Bauer, earn bonuses for making a Marriott reservation, or receive 25% off tickets for popular shows through Ticketmaster. Please note that the offers you receive may differ from these examples.

9: Playing games/Purchasing games:

MyPoints offers an exciting way to earn points by playing games online. By setting up a separate games account on their website, you can earn points for every dollar you spend on online games. It's a great way to indulge in your favorite games while earning rewards at the same time.

One of the most appealing offers available is the 50 points on the first token purchase for GSN casino games. Additionally, future token purchases on GSN casino games can earn you 8 points per dollar spent, providing more opportunities to accumulate points.

Playing games on MyPoints is an enjoyable way to earn points while indulging in your favorite online games. Setting up a separate games account is easy and straightforward, and the rewards are worth it. 

10: MyPoints Bingo:

Participating in MyPoints Bingo is an excellent way to earn bonus points ranging from 10 to 500. Completing any one of the 16 different patterns will earn you these bonus points as long as you submit your Bingo card before the deadline.

Tasks that may be included in the Bingo card range from: 

• Voting in the daily poll. 
• Activating or logging into the Score browser Extension.
• Watching video play lists. 
• Completing surveys. 
• Adding in-store deals. 
• Completing a daily goal. 
And many more. 

Each of these tasks can earn points on its own, making it an efficient way to earn bonus points for activities you are already completing.

Participating in MyPoints BINGO! is an excellent way to earn bonus points by completing activities that you are already doing. By submitting a Bingo card with any one of the 16 different patterns completed before the deadline, you can earn between 10 and 500 bonus points. 

11: Voting

Voting in MyPoints’ daily poll is a quick and easy way to earn points every day. By answering a simple question, you can earn one point towards your account. It's an effortless way to rack up some points and boost your rewards.
The questions asked in the daily poll are straightforward and not time-consuming. 

Advantages and disadvantages of MyPoints:

1: Advantages:

Earn Points on Purchases You’d Make Anyway:

Shopping through the MyPoints portal allows you to earn points for purchases you would have made anyway. It’s an effortless way to earn points and redeem them for various rewards.

Versatile Redemption Options

MyPoints offers versatile redemption options, including gift cards, cash through PayPal, and credits to your United MileagePlus account. You can choose your favorite retailer or opt for cash rewards, making it convenient for everyone.

Get Rewarded for Using Coupons

MyPoints is an excellent platform for coupon users. You can earn rewards for using coupons, which helps increase savings on items you were planning to buy anyway.

You Earn Points When You’re Screened out of a Survey

MyPoints rewards you with 1-5 points even if you get screened out of a survey, providing some consolation for your time and effort.

Lots of Ways to Earn

MyPoints offers multiple ways to earn, such as surveys, watching videos, and shopping online, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Free Mobile App

The free MyPoints mobile app allows you to access your account and complete surveys on the go, making it convenient and accessible.


You Don’t Know Survey Topics Going In:

MyPoints doesn’t reveal the survey topic until after you start, meaning you might end up taking a survey you’re not interested in or don’t qualify for.

Value of Points Isn’t Uniform Across Redemption Options

The value of MyPoints can vary depending on the redemption option you choose, which can make it challenging to figure out the best way to maximize your points.

Rewards Are Not Instant:

MyPoints can take up to ten business days to redeem points, and gift cards may take even longer to arrive.

It's essential to weigh the pros and cons of MyPoints before deciding if it's the right platform for you. While it's an excellent way to earn rewards for activities you were going to do anyway, there are some drawbacks, such as the value of points not being consistent and the uncertainty of survey topics. Overall, MyPoints is an excellent way to earn rewards and save money, but it's crucial to be aware of its limitations.

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