Referral program: Top best platform to refer and earn in Nigeria

Looking to make real money online? Of course, there are many ways to do so, and a referral program is one of the ways to earn money online from the comfort of your home. A referral program allows you to invite people to a specific platform and get paid for it. By putting in more effort, you could earn up to 20,000 naira daily, depending on the referral commission the platform offers.

We've compiled a list of top websites and apps that will reward you with real money for successfully inviting active users.

A referral program is closely related to affiliate marketing. Just as affiliate marketing involves driving people to purchase others' products, a referral program involves guiding individuals to a specific platform to sign up and become members.

There are referral programs that offer payment whether the individuals you invite take any further action on the platform after signing up or not. What does this mean? It signifies that certain referral programs are willing to compensate you as long as you bring someone to join their platform, regardless of whether that person takes additional actions like funding their wallet or making purchases. However, the payment for such cases might be lower compared to inviting someone who funds their wallet or buys products.

As a review blogger, I am well-acquainted with the most reputable websites and apps that offer substantial payments in Nigeria. The platforms I'll mention are not only appealing but also likely to attract individuals interested in joining.

This article is particularly advantageous because I will detail the requirements for each referral program, outline their pros and cons, and specify the amount you can earn per referral. This comprehensive information will empower you to make informed decisions about whether to join a particular program or not. 

1: Sowget: 

If you're seeking a platform that offers one of the best referral programs in Nigeria, look no further than Sowget. Sowget presents an exceptional referral program with high commissions, allowing users to refer others in exchange for rewards.

Before we proceed, let's take a moment to better comprehend what Sowget is and what the platform offers.

What is Sowget, and how does it work?

Sowget is one of the finest e-currency exchangers in Nigeria, having been operational for several years. Are you searching for a place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, USDT, and other types? Or perhaps you're looking to convert PayPal funds, perfect money funds, Astropay funds, and more into cash, which can then be directly withdrawn to your bank account without any hassle. Additionally, are you interested in purchasing the Deriv trading bot? If any of these scenarios apply to you, Sowget is worth considering. With Sowget, you can effortlessly complete your transactions without encountering any issues. The platform is user-friendly, with categorized features for easy access.

Sowget's Referral Program:

Sowget also provides users with the opportunity to refer others and earn rewards. In my opinion, the referral program is excellent and highly recommended for those seeking to earn money online effortlessly.

Do you know the best part of Sowget's referral program? The best part is that anyone can participate, and there is no registration fee required. It's an appealing referral program to explore.

This referral program is open to everyone, whether you're an existing platform user or someone looking to participate. You can obtain your referral link and share it. When someone signs up through your link and conducts a transaction on the platform, you'll earn a substantial commission, up to 50% of the amount spent by your referral. This is undoubtedly one of the recommended referral programs to consider, as Sowget offers a variety of services, making it easier to find potential referrals.

Getting Started with Sowget's Referral Program:

To begin with Sowget's referral program, start by visiting the platform using the link provided below. You'll be directed to the platform's introduction page, where you'll find sign-up and login buttons. If you're an existing user, you can proceed to log in. However, if you're new, click the sign-up button to reach the registration page. You'll need your email address, password, and bank account number to complete the registration process. Keep in mind that a referral code is optional; you can enter it if you have one, or simply ignore it if you don't.

Once you finish registration, a confirmation link will be sent to your email address. Click on the link provided by Sowget in your email to confirm your account, granting you access.

To begin referring people, log in to your account and locate your referral link. Share this link with anyone interested. When individuals click your referral link, sign up, and transact on the platform, you'll earn substantial commissions.

Useful Tips for Success in this Referral Program:

1. Refer individuals seeking to buy and sell Bitcoin, USDT, and other cryptocurrencies.
2. Refer those looking to convert dollars to Nigerian Naira.

That's all - by following these steps, you can earn a steady income every day. 

Click HERE To sign up on Sowget to start making money. 

2: Hawkit: 

Hawkit is a platform that offers numerous earning options for users to choose from. It allows users to earn in various ways, such as performing social media tasks, which include following people's accounts, liking posts, sharing posts, commenting on posts, joining WhatsApp and Telegram groups, subscribing to channels like YouTube and Telegram.

The platform is particularly advantageous for Nigerians, especially if you have the skills to refer new users. However, the opportunities don't end with task performance. The primary money-making avenue is the referral program, offering an instant commission of 500 naira per valid referral. This isn't the only benefit though; there's a chance to earn up to 5,000 naira daily by referring up to 10 valid users, securing a special commission.

It's worth noting that Hawkit isn't solely about earning money. The platform also provides services such as advertising, buying social media post engagements, and purchasing social media followers.

Whether you refer people for advertising, followers, or earnings, all avenues are effective and can lead to payments. Referring individuals to buy social media followers or post engagements can yield up to 20% of the amount they spend each time.

Beyond just referrals, you can also earn a percentage of what your referrals earn daily, on top of the instant 500 naira commission.

Hawkit boasts one of Nigeria's best referral programs, providing an easy way to earn real money. Finding individuals to join is simple due to the attractive earning opportunities the platform offers.

Pros of Hawkit:

• Attractive to many people: 

Joining Hawkit to earn through its referral program is a smart decision. The platform's attractiveness stems from its diverse earning methods, making it easy to convince others to join, given the widespread desire to earn online.

Cons of Hawkit:

• Registration not free: 

To join Hawkit, a 1,000 naira registration fee is required. It's affordable, and with diligence, you can earn more than this fee in a short time. The array of earning methods on the platform increases your chances of recovering your 1,000 naira investment quickly.

Payment methods for Hawkit:

• Bank transfer: 

Currently, the platform supports only bank transfers, catering to numerous banks in Nigeria. Payment processing takes no more than 24 hours after application.

Minimum withdrawal from Hawkit:

100 naira is the minimum threshold for requesting payment. It's convenient, especially when compared to other platforms. It's advisable to request payment when your balance reaches at least 500 naira.

After validating your membership account by paying the 1,000 naira fee, you can access your referral link by clicking on the "earn" button in your account and selecting "Refer and earn." This is how you can start making money by referring others to join Hawkit.

Click HERE to join hawkit and start making money. 

3: is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers meet. This platform allows vendors to advertise their goods online to a large number of people.

If you're looking for a place to advertise your products, joining could be the right option.

Not only can you sell goods on, but the platform also offers an affiliate program in which people can refer and earn. Joining the affiliate program will enable you to earn up to 300 naira for each valid vendor you refer to sell items on the platform. This is an opportunity if you can target people who are looking to advertise their products online.

The rewards don't stop at just 300 naira; it's an instant commission for inviting a valid vendor. also introduces other opportunities that can help you become a successful affiliate marketer. These opportunities include referring up to 500 valid vendors to receive a special reward of 50,000 naira. And if you manage to refer up to 1,000 valid vendors to sell on the platform, you will be eligible to start receiving a monthly salary.

How can you find success in the referral program?

• Target and refer people who would love to advertise their products online: is an online marketplace, and the platform needs vendors to sell goods on it. As an affiliate of the platform, your goal is to find and refer vendors who are interested in selling. Instead of dropping your affiliate link to refer unwanted people, which could result in wasting time, focus on inviting only vendors.
Once you visit the website, you will see a black label button labeled "Affiliate." Click on it to create your affiliate account and start referring people.

Click HERE to join and start making money. 

4: Opay referral program:

Opay is a popular bank in Nigeria, approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and insured by NDIC. The Opay banking app is the right choice for those looking for a reliable and trustworthy app to carry out online transactions.

In fact, after using many banking apps, including Opay, I haven't come across any that can be compared with the Opay app. Using the Opay app creates the opportunity to earn a daily sign-in reward of 10 naira every day. Not only that, but the app is also the best and most reliable option for buying and selling airtime and data online without any transaction failures. Your purchases are credited instantly without delay, and you can earn up to 3% cashback on every airtime or data purchase on the app. Opay is very generous compared to other banks in Nigeria, and you can send money to any bank in Nigeria up to 3 times for free without any transaction charges.

This includes saving money. If you've been looking for where to save your money and earn a higher interest, joining Opay is the right choice. The platform offers different ways to save your money and earn annual interest of up to 15% and above on your savings. You can also use the Opay app to pay any kind of bill.

I've mentioned all these things to help you make an informed decision.

Opay Referral Program:

Opay also offers a referral program that allows its users to refer and earn up to 800 naira per person invited to use Opay. This makes Opay stand out from other banks in Nigeria. The Opay referral program helps promote Opay to a large number of people. Becoming a member of Opay bank will enable you to earn an 800 naira cash reward when you invite a valid user to use Opay.

Also, keep in mind that your Opay referral rewards cannot be cashed out directly, but they can only be used to purchase airtime or data. This is still a convenient option because there are many apps that allow you to convert airtime to cash. Alternatively, if you know people who need airtime or data, you can use your Opay to send it directly and collect cash from them.

Click HERE to join opay and start making money.

5: Herconomy: 

Herconomy is a savings app currently available only in Nigeria. The platform focuses on helping people save money to reach their targeted goals. Whether you want to save money for school fees, house rent, or groceries, using the Herconomy app is the right choice. The platform is easy to navigate, providing users with a convenient saving experience. You can save as much as you can on the platform and earn annual interest on your savings.

Herconomy also offers a referral program that allows users to refer and earn up to 700 naira per valid referral. This is an opportunity to make money if you can find people who would love to save money.

Herconomy solely focuses on helping users save money. To join Herconomy's referral program, you will need to target and refer people who are looking for a place to save their money. Once you are able to invite a valid person to save up to 5,000 naira for a certain period on the platform, you will earn a 700 naira referral reward. You will be able to withdraw your rewards directly to your bank account.

Click HERE to join Herconomy and start making money.

6: Whogohost referral program:

Whogohost is a Nigerian website domain hosting company that also provides support to other countries. This means that while the company is Nigerian, its services are not limited to Nigeria alone.

You can purchase as many domains as you need on Whogohost, with active customer support services available.

Whogohost has also introduced a referral program that allows users to refer and earn. However, this referral program appears to be exclusively available for Whogohost customers. To benefit from this referral program, you must be a Whogohost customer. You can achieve this by either buying domains from them or purchasing a hosting plan or other services, thereby becoming eligible for the referral program.

The Whogohost referral program enables users to earn up to 500 naira when they successfully refer someone to make a purchase from Whogohost.

As mentioned earlier, Whogohost is a website domain hosting company. If you find it difficult to understand what "domain" and "domain hosting" mean, you can browse to learn more. A domain looks like this: ( To achieve success in this type of referral program, you need to seek out individuals who are searching for a reliable company to purchase domains from, including those who are in need of domain hosting services.

Once you join the Whogohost referral program, your affiliate account will be credited with 500 naira, and you'll be able to withdraw your referral earnings once your balance reaches 3,000 naira.

Click HERE to join WhoGoHost and start making money. 

More to be updated soon, remember to visit later: This is Naijanewlife.


We have exhausted our current points, and it is our pleasure to provide you with the best options for your needs. All the referral programs listed above are legitimate, and you can earn money by taking them seriously. As previously mentioned, we will continue updating this page periodically. For now, you can choose from the options above and start generating income.

To enhance your success, we've outlined methods below for promoting your referral links and making money.

Ways to promote your referral link:

1. Facebook Page:

To excel in this referral program, it's essential to have your own personal Facebook page. Business owners, including artists, use Facebook pages to engage with their fans. You can create and manage a Facebook page, nurturing it until it garners a substantial audience.

Once your Facebook page gains traction, you can introduce your referral links to your audience. This is the quickest way to secure referrals. Properly manage your page. An advantage of a Facebook page is that you can use funds for Facebook ads to promote your referral links, the fastest way to register people. However, ensure a positive return on investment without losses.

2. Facebook Groups:

Another rapid method to acquire more referrals and boost your earnings is through Facebook groups. By committing to your business, you can earn money. There are numerous Facebook groups where you can promote your referral links. Keep in mind that not all groups will yield favorable results. Here are the types of groups to consider:

Groups focused on making money online.
Groups that provide updates on new investment platforms.

Our research indicates that joining groups similar to those listed above will yield more referrals. Wondering why? Members of such groups possess experience signing up for accounts on apps or websites. They're also familiar with links and comfortable interacting with them. Sharing your links in such groups will encourage clicks and sign-ups. Additionally, individuals in these groups are actively seeking online money-making opportunities, giving you a chance to introduce your referral program.

Remember that not all groups permit link sharing; some admins may restrict it. Keep searching for groups that support link posting, as there are many available. Avoid sharing links in Facebook comment sections, as this can lead to being banned. Consider creating a separate Facebook account for your business to mitigate potential bans.

3. Chat Groups:

If you find yourself in a sizable group, whether on WhatsApp or Telegram, it's an opportunity to introduce your link. However, be cautious, as this can result in being banned from the chat app (WhatsApp/Telegram). Creating your own chat group offers a safe avenue for promoting your link and inviting others to join.

4. Blog Posts:

Utilize your blog to optimize your earnings by incorporating your referral links into your posts. If your blog attracts around 100 daily visitors, this can significantly expand your reach. Transparently explain the link's purpose to your audience to attract genuine registrants.

5. Running Advertisements:

Numerous advertising networks, such as Adsterra, provide a distinct approach for promoting your referral links. While running ads can yield more referrals, it requires a capital investment. Precisely target your audience to ensure profitable outcomes.