Rubiktrade review: Is rubik trade legit or scam?

Rubiktrade is a broker app that support many countries including Nigeria. forex trading has become a source of daily income to many people around the globe, however, forex trading is somehow risky and requires high experience to become a successful trader.

Trading the stock and forex market is risky, to become a successful trader you must have high experience, also keep in mind that there are some broker apps that do not require experience. What does this mean? 
It means that there are some broker that is whether experience or no experience you can never master how it works which could result to losing money all the time, and that is the most frustrating thing in life.
Things you should know before going into trading:

1: The broker app was designed by someone like you:

We just want to help you understand one thing in life, and you're really lucky to be among those who have come across this article. 
We want to help you understand that all these broker apps were designed by experienced developers. What does that really mean? It means that you should never be surprised if you end up losing all your hard earned money to any broker app.

As an author of this article, I personally don't believe in trading that is why I neither encourage nor discourage anyone to go into trading.

Most of this brokers were developed by app and website developers, so you should never be absent minded that the owner of a particular app also needs profits just like you.

And you should not fail to understand that forex trading is gambling, just like football betting, in fact betting on football is considered far better than betting with broker apps.
The reason why football betting is far better than forex trading is that, in football betting, you're betting on live event and whether you lose or not it would not really be painful because you yourself will know and see who wins and who loses.
But compared to forex trading, it is somehow risky because no one can know if the app was designed to make people lose money all the time. 
Never forget that some trading apps were designed to be tricky, it could be the time you invest more money and click on buy is the time the app will start moving to sell in order to make you lose your funds.

Is Rubiktrade legit or scam:

Rubiktrade is legit and not scam, if you're an experienced forex trader, then you can consider using Rubiktrade. The app is user-friendly and offer a nice and easy to understand chats to help you monitor your trades.
Whether you're an expert trader or a novice, you will really enjoy using Rubiktrade because the user-friendly interface of the app will make it easier for you to trade without causing you any form of inconveniences.

Keep in mind that we can not and will not call any app or website a scam here directly. Like I said earlier, I neither encourage nor discourage anyone to go into forex trading, why? because I do not believe in forex trading. This simply means that using this app is highly at your own risk and we will not be responsible for anything you go through on the app.

If you think trading is legit for you then fine. But keep in mind that we did not find anything that shows that this app is scam, that is why we can not condemn this app as a scam app.