review: Is legit or Scam?

As an online rewards platform, prides itself on providing users with a wide range of survey options sourced from various channels. Although the platform's initial appearance may seem a tad bit chaotic, users can easily adapt to the site's interface with time. While qualifying for certain surveys based on geographical or other factors may pose a challenge initially, persistent users are sure to receive more opportunities to participate in surveys.

At, users can access an extensive list of surveys that cater to different interests and preferences. From consumer feedback to market research, the platform ensures that there is a survey available for everyone. However, navigating the website may prove overwhelming for first-time users due to the numerous options available. Nevertheless, as users continue to explore the platform, they can easily locate their preferred surveys.

As with most survey sites, qualifying for surveys may be an uphill task, especially for new users. However,'s extensive survey pool means that there are bound to be numerous surveys that users will qualify for. Therefore, with patience and persistence, users can expect to receive more surveys that match their profile. provides a diverse range of surveys for its users to participate in. While the website may seem disorganized at first, users can quickly adapt to the platform's interface with time. Qualifying for surveys may pose a challenge initially, but with patience, persistent users can expect to receive more survey opportunities.

Ways to earn on

If you're looking to earn some extra income online, is a platform that offers various tasks that can help you achieve this goal. However, it's important to note that some of the tasks are location-based and may not be available to everyone. 

1: Paid Surveys: offers a variety of surveys on its site that it gets from different sources. While the site may appear a little disorganized at first, with time, you'll get used to it. Initially, it may be challenging to qualify for some surveys based on your location or other factors, but with patience, you'll eventually qualify for more surveys.

2: Product Trials: is a leading get-paid-to and survey platform that offers users various opportunities to earn money online. One of the most exciting ways to earn money on the platform is by participating in product trials.

Product trials involve testing new or existing products and providing feedback on their performance, usability, and other aspects. These trials are typically conducted by market researchers who are interested in gauging consumer response to their products. Depending on your location, age, gender, and other factors, you may be eligible to participate in a wide range of product trials on

Participating in product trials on is a great way to earn some extra cash while also getting to try out new products. Whether you're interested in testing the latest skincare products or trying out new food and beverage options, there are plenty of product trials available on the platform to suit your interests.

3: Watching Videos: is an innovative survey and "get paid to" (GPT) platform that provides its users with the opportunity to watch videos and earn money. The platform offers a plethora of options, including the chance to watch videos and provide feedback for producers and advertisers. Whether it's a movie clip, an advertisement, or any other type of video, users are compensated for their time and opinions.

This platform is particularly suitable for individuals who enjoy watching entertaining videos and would like to earn additional income in their free time. However, it is important to note that the rewards may not be significant, but they can still provide a good source of supplemental income.

4: Get Cashback For Shopping Online:

Cashback is a popular way for online shoppers to earn rewards and cash while shopping. One such website that offers cashback rewards is However, upon examination, it appears that this particular site may not be the best option for those looking to earn cashback rewards. claims to pay users in points for every dollar they spend at an online retailer. Unfortunately, the site's offerings seem to be lacking in value, as well as selection. While I was going through the platform, I found out that there were only five retailers available, and most of them only offered one to three points per dollar spent. Furthermore, it was not even that was offering these deals, but a third-party website called AdGaterewards.

In summary, while may seem like a tempting option for those looking to earn cashback rewards, it is probably not the best choice. The limited selection of retailers and low rewards offered by the site make it a less attractive option than other cashback websites available. It is advisable to explore other options before deciding on a cashback website to use.

5: Post payment proofs and earn rewards:

In the world of online earning, there are various ways to earn extra cash. One of these methods is by posting payment proof to online forums. This is a unique and easy way to earn a little bit of extra money., a popular survey and offer platform, is one such site that offers this opportunity to its users.

To get started, you need to complete surveys and offers on and earn money. Once you have earned enough, you can request payment from the platform. When your payment is processed, you will receive an electronic receipt via email. This receipt is your proof of payment and is what you need to post to the online forum.

Before you post your payment proof, it's essential to check the terms and conditions of the forum. Some forums may have specific rules and requirements for posting payment proof. To avoid any mistakes, read the rules carefully and make sure you follow them.

Once you have posted your payment proof, you will receive a reward of $1. This reward may not seem like much, but it's an easy way to earn some extra cash. However, it's important to note that you can only earn via this option once. So, make sure you make the most of this opportunity.

Posting payment proof to online forums is a unique and easy way to earn some extra cash. is one such platform that offers this opportunity to its users. By following the rules and guidelines, you can earn a reward of $1 by sharing your proof of payment. withdrawal: is a popular GPT (Get Paid To) site that offers various ways to earn money online. Unlike most GPT sites that pay in points, pays its members in dollars, with some exceptions where certain surveys or offers may pay in points. 

The payment methods available on include:

• PayPal.
• Skrill.
• Bitcoin.
• Tango Gift Card.
• Amazon Gift Card. 

Each payment method has specific requirements and rules that must be followed to receive payment successfully.

To receive payments through PayPal, members must submit a valid PayPal account that matches the email address used to register their account. The account must also be registered in the member's name. The minimum withdrawal amount through PayPal is $1, and payments can be received on the same day.

For Skrill withdrawals, members must submit a Skrill account that matches the details on their account. The minimum withdrawal amount through Skrill is $5, and payments can only be received for market research surveys. Members should avoid performing other tasks if they want to withdraw through Skrill, as earnings from other tasks will be deducted from their balance.

Members who wish to withdraw through Bitcoin must have a Bitcoin account that matches their account details, and the minimum withdrawal amount is $40.

To withdraw through Tango Gift Card, members must have earned at least $5 in their account and made at least one withdrawal through another payment method. The Tango Gift Card will be sent to the member's email address, and the request can be processed on the same day.

Similarly, for Amazon Gift Card withdrawals, members must have received payment through another method before requesting a withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal amount for Amazon Gift Card is $5, and the e-gift card will be sent to the member's email address. However, this option is currently only available for members in the United States and Canada. offers various payment methods for its members, and it's essential to understand the associated terms and conditions before requesting a withdrawal. By following the rules and requirements, members can receive their payments promptly and efficiently.

Is legit or Scam?

During our research about this platform there was no valid information found against it to use and flag it as scam. however, you may still encounter things similarly to scam in one way or the other while using the platform.