Cashyy tube review: Is cashyy tube real or fake?

Cashyy tube is one of the gpt (get paid to) application that clams to allow users earn in various ways for using it. The app offers various ways to earn, from play games to watching videos, including claiming free rewards. Were you looking for app that will pay you at least 5 cent daily? But what if this app called cashyy tube is not an app that pays? 

This article will reveal things you need to know before you start using the app. Before we conclude if this app called cashyy tube is a fake scam app, let's first of all get to discover it's earning features and how much it offers for each.

Things you need to know before we proceed:

You may not trust this review, but honestly you need to understand one thing. We want you to know that we, Naijanewlife, have no business with the founders of this app called cashyy tube. What are we trying to say? We are trying to let you understand that we are not part of those who promotes this app. This review is to help you make a decision whether to waste time on the app or not. Also keep in mind that we are not here to condemn this app or to stop people from using it. We will only expose some necessary things you need to know about the app before you start using it.

Important thing to know about cashyy tube:

• Bunch of adverts:

When we mean "bunch of adverts" you should know what that means, If you have been looking for an app that can slow down your phone because of adverts then cashyy tube is the only one to choose right now.
If your device is a low ram device, then you should not even think of going near this app because what you will experience on it is going to spoil your day.
cashyy tube is full of advertisements, not just banner adverts but videos with loud volume that could even affect your phone.
The app is full of adverts till the extent that anywhere you click on the app will pop up adverts. 
What we passed through while testing the app was not a nice one.
Keeping that aside, let's move to find out some of it earning options, and how much the app offers.

Ways to earn from cashyy tube:

• Watching videos:

This is part of the way to earn from this app, in fact the amount of points the app pours out to users per video watched is too incomprehensible. 
You can earn up to $200 within 1 hour on the app just for watching videos alone.

Claiming free rewards:

Each time you login to the app, it will automatically credits your account with points worth much money.
So without even doing anything on the app you can still make money as far as you are online with it.

Before going to conclusion, let's first see how much you can earn from the app per day:

While we were going through the app, in fact we were able to earn up to 5,000 points which gives 500 dollars and that was within 30 minutes.
This shows that you could earn up to 3,000 dollars daily from the app.

Is Cashyy tube legit or scam?

Looking at the amounts each user could earn from the app daily. Now the question is that, if each user earn up to 1,000 dollars per day, where will the management of the app get such amount of money to payout to everyone?
This app is not paying. If you be able to place your withdrawal order, you will wait for years without receiving the money in your bank account.
But if you were looking for where to waste your time and data then this app is for you.