Coinplix review: Is coinplix legit or scam

Coinplix is an app that creates different earning options for many people from different countries. There are various ways to earn from the app including playing games.
You might have heard of this app or you might have seen it somewhere and want to know how it works and if it's legit or scam. Making money online has never been easy especially with the rates of fake and scam apps on ground.

Coinplix is one of the app that promise to allow users earn money for using it everyday. But the question is that, is this app real or just intending to scam users?
We will try our best to find out if coinplix is a scam or not in this article.

Ways to earn money on coinplix:

1: Playing games:

The app offers various games to play and make money, and there are 2 popular games on it.
In fact there are many games to play on the app, there are some of the games you will be redirected to another website to play. But the two popular games featured by the app are: Pop the balloons (words) and pop the balloon (maths).

The two games are almost the same, and to play any of the games you will have to click on your favorite which will cost you 1 point to participate. Once you click on any of the games, the app will automatically finds you an opponent to compete with. 
This is how each of the games works.
If it was math game you chose to play, once it starts you will be able to see some balloons flying up the screen and maths questions written on each balloons. All you have to do is try your best to find answers to each of the match question written on the balloons. The question could be 3+5, 10×10. All you have to do is type each answer with your keyboard and press the ok button. If the answer you provided match any question written on any of the flying balloons, it will automatically pop the balloon that has the answer.

The same with pop the balloons (Words).
But one thing we discovered is that you may never win any of the games which could result to always losing and losing all your points.
We noticed that the opponents the app gives to users to compete with could be bots, so no matter how you may try, you will always end up losing because the bot will always be smarter than you may be.

2: Taking surveys:

This is one of the way to earn on coinplix, once you login to your coinplix account and scroll down to the bottom, you will be able to see the survey section in which you can click on your favorite.
These surveys do not take place on the app but you will be redirected to a website. That simply means those surveys are not from coinplix but are from other third-party who partner with coinplix.

Once you click on any survey platform of your choice, it will automatically open your device browser to redirect you to the survey website. We noticed that you can hardly qualify for any of the survey and there is high possibility of not getting paid even if you successfully complete a survey from these third-party.
Each of the survey will first ask for your profile question, this question will determine the kind of survey that suits you. So if you be lucky to successfully get to any survey sites, be mindful of the kind information you provide.

3: Task:

Performing tasks is another way to earn money on the app, there are many tasks to complete. Once you login to your coinplix account, you can scroll down a little bit to the task section. From there you will see different options in which you can select your favorite. The app offers many tasks. These tasks could be for you to download and install other people's apps and use. It could be any type of app, from game apps to store apps and many others. 
But there is no guarantee of getting paid at the end of some task. 
Some of the tasks may take you to a survey website to participate in surveys. 

4: Referral program:

Another way you can earn on the app is by participating in it referral program, you can send your referral code to someone that is also using the app, once the person type in your referral code in his or her account, you will earn 1,000 points. Participating in the platform referral program is the fastest way to earn.

Coinplix Withdrawal:

To withdraw from coinplix you will have to accumulate at least 20,000 points which gives $2.
Coinplix only give PayPal as the only withdrawal option. This means that to start using coinplix you should have a valid PayPal account which you will be cashing out your earnings to. If you do not have a PayPal account then coinplix is not for you until you create a PayPal account for yourself.

The minimum to withdraw from coinplix is 20,000 points, giving 2 dollars.
50,000 points gives 5 dollars and 100,000 points gives 10 dollars.

How much can you earn from coinplix?

We can not tell at the moment, however, the amounts can earn will depend on your level of hard work and being active on the app.
We also discovered that you may finds it difficult to qualify for some of the surveys the platform offers.
Also keep in mind that there are some of the tasks you will complete without getting paid. These are things that can affect your earning potential on the app. 
Earning from this app is somehow difficult, if you want to play some of it games it sure that you will always lose money which could result to you gaining nothing for spending time with it.

Is coinplix paying users?

Honestly we can not guarantee you that this app is paying, however, you may still find withdrawal proves somewhere that it is pays. 

Is coinplix legit or scam?

Probably the app may be legit but we can not assure you anything. Like said earlier, the app may be legit but we are suspecting it to be a scam app that is not paying because of things we discovered while going through it.
Like said earlier, you may find it difficult to earn much from the app which could result to wasting time and data. According to the amount the app offer users per tasks, it may take many months for you to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold to cash out.

Final word:

We do not trust this app, but if you think it's legit, you can give it a try and see if it works for you. This is because we are not perfect enough to know a legit and scam platforms. 
You should value your internet data and keep it for something profitable instead of wasting it to apps. We do not see the app as an app that is paying, despite that, you may find it too difficult to earn from it except you refer more people.