Equipment lease App review: Is Equipment lease legit or a big scam?

Equipment lease is an investment app currently available in Nigeria. It is a platform that helps people invest little and earn higher investment returns daily. You might have been looking for a legit investment platform and came across equipment lease, but is it a legit investment app or another come and go with users funds?
Going through the app, of course it is user-friendly and also easy to navigate. But how can we be sure if the app is legit to invest our hard earned money?

Before we can get to decide if the platform is legit or scam, let's first get to discover it investment machines and how much you can make on the platform.

Equipment lease investment machines, amounts to invest and daily investment returns:

Going through the platform, there are many investment machines to choose from. The amount you can earn daily will depend on the level of your machines including the amount you invest. 

1: Bulldozer:

Amount to purchase: 600 naira.
Daily income: 39 naira - valid for 2 days.

When you first join the platform, you will receive a welcome reward of 250 naira. 
This very Bulldozer, you can only buy it once. It is mainly for those who wants to give the platform a try to see how it works and how trustworthy it is.
You can only buy and use the Bulldozer once, and it can only run for 2 days with the daily income of 39 naira. This simply means that you will earn a total of 79 naira in 2 days with just 600 naira. But does the investment return worth the amount invested?

2: Excavator

Amount to purchase: 1,000 naira.
Daily income: 40 naira valid for 5 days.
Total investment return: Capital+profits - giving a total of 1,200.

3: Roadroller:

Amount to purchase: 1,500 naira.
Daily income: 67.5 naira, valid for 15 days.
Total investment return: Capital+profits - giving a total of 2,512.5 naira.

4: High pressure grouting equipment:

Amount to purchase: 50,000 naira.
Daily income: 4,000 naira valid for 60 days.
Total investment return: Capital+profits - giving a total of 290,000 naira.

5: Spiral drilling machine:

Amount to purchase: 60,000 naira.
Daily income: 5,700 naira, valid for 150 days.
Total investment return: Capital+profits - giving a total of 915,000 naira.

That was just to help you see how the platform. works especially if you're new to it. But there are many other investment machines to choose on the platform. 

Is Equipment lease legit or scam?

If you were looking for a legit online investment platform and came across this very app called Equipment lease, of course you are on the wrong path because there are many red flags on this platform. If you ever want to get ripped off your hard earned money, then this app is for you.

Red flags on Equipment lease:

1: Clone of other apps that scammed users:

We have seen more than 20 apps that have looked exactly like this very app and most of them ended up scamming users while some are still active. So this is one of the thing you need to consider.

Other Important things you should know:

1: You can not withdraw your daily investment income until the investment period is over:

Before you invest your money with the app, keep this in mind because there will be no one to help you recover your loss from this platform if anything happens to it.
It is important to note that the daily income each of the machines produces can not be withdrawn until the time for the machine to stop running.
If you invest your money with any of the machines the platform offer, there are some of the machines that are to run for 100 daily. You will not be able to withdraw the daily income of the machine until the 100 days are over. Since the platform is not trustworthy, it is sure that it may stop working (crash) at anytime leaving your money inside.

2: You can not withdraw from the app unless you invest:

Any amount that enters your equipment lease account can not be withdrawn immediately until it is invested. This simply means that you can not withdraw immediately after deposit until you invest the money. This is one of the downside of the app. Including all the rewards you earn from it, both referral rewards and others. If you refer a friend and earn a referral reward, you will not be able to withdraw the reward until you invest it.

Is this the right investment platform for you? 

We can not recommend this platform for you if you are in need of a good investment platform, of course the platform is too greedy, the worst part is that you can not withdraw your referral rewards until you invest it.
Although everything requires risk, but you should not waste your risks on this one because you might end up gaining nothing.

Final word:

We are not trying to condemn the platform. If you think the platform is best for you to invest then you can go ahead with it.
Keep in mind that this platform is only available in Nigeria.