Joy construction review: Is joy construction legit or scam

Joy construction is just a new investment app. The investment app boast you can invest and earn daily investment returns.
Making money online comes in various ways. But how can we trust this investment app? They claim their company was established in August 15, 2000.
If that is true we are going to find out if it is another scam format or not.

Things you should have in mind before we continue with this review:

This article is to reveal all necessary things you are to know about Joy construction. Keep in mind that we do not have any business with the management of the app.

Ways to earn money from joy construction:

The popular way of earning money from the app is by investing. The app offers various investment machines to choose from. The higher the amount you invest, the higher your daily investment income.
Below are some of the investment machines the app offers.

1: Bulldozer

Amount to purchase: 600 naira.
Daily income: 39 naira, valid for 2 days.

2: Excavator:

Amount to purchase: 1,000 naira.
Daily income: 40 naira, valid for 5 days.

3: Roadroller:

Amount to purchase: 1,500 naira.
Daily income: 67.5 naira, valid for 15 days.

4: Concretemixer:

Amount to purchase: 2,500 naira.
Daily income: 83.33 naira, valid for 30 days.

5: Crane:

Amount to purchase: 38,000 naira.
Daily income: 2,850 naira, valid for 80 days.

6: Drilling machine:

Amount to purchase: 50,000 naira.
Daily income: 4,250 naira, valid for 100 days.

When you deposit money to the app, you can click on any machine of your choice to start investing.
But before you go to invest your money with the platform, let's first of all take you through some steps, to show you some necessary things you are to know.

1: Invest what you can afford to lose:

Joy construction is just an investment platform that allows users to invest money and get daily investment returns. Investing with the app requires enough capital, but we can not tell you this app is safe for you to invest because there is a similar app to this called Machinery income.
Investing your money with the app is at your risk.
If you take a deeper look at the other app called machinery income, you will discover that it is of no difference with Joy construction.
So the biggest advice is that, if you think the app is safe for you, invest the amount that will not hurt you in case of anything. Because there are many apps nowadays that once you deposit your money you can not withdraw.

Other things you should beware of:

1: You can not withdraw immediately after deposit:

Once you deposit money to the app, you will not be able to withdraw it until you invest.
This is something you should know, so, know the amount you want to invest and the amount you are to deposit.

2: You can not withdraw your daily investment returns until the investment period is over:

The app gives different machines to choose from, and the higher your machine, the higher your daily income. You should beware that there are some of the machines that can run for 100 days.
If you select to invest in the one that will run for 100 days, you will not be able to withdraw your daily income the machine produces until the investment period is over. This is dangerous because the platform may crash before the period is over which could result to huge loss.

Is Joy construction legit or scam?

Probably the platform could be scam because of the other similar app we have seen, the only difference between the two are the names and profile pictures. We are not trying to stop you from investing with any of them. If you think it's safe, then good luck, but remember that there will be no way to recover your money if anything happens.

There is no legitimate investment platform that would offer users such high daily income, If you were looking for a fast way to make money, even this platform may not be the right one for you.

Is this app from a registered company?

Like said earlier the app claims their company was established in August 15, 2000. Actually, that is not true, the company may exist but this app is from Nigeria. we have seen many past apps that looked exactly like this particular one.