Large engineering review: Is large engineering legit or scam?

Large engineering is an investment platform you can sign up and claim a welcome reward of 250 naira. The platform was launched since April 10th 2023, claiming you can earn up to 50,000 naira per day for investing with the app.

The platform offer users different earning opportunities, from Referral program to daily lottery including daily sign in rewards. Large engineering is an investment app that is only available in Nigeria. However, this does not mean the platform is legit, to confirm if large engineering is a legit investment platform, let's first get to discover how you can really make money on it.

Large engineering is an app that claims it belongs to a US company that distributes and maintains construction machineries, such as bulldozer, excavator, concrete mixer, Road roller, drilling machines and so on. But of course we are going to find out how true this is. 

Ways to make money on large engineering: 

1: Investing

The main way to earn money on this platform is through investing your money into different construction machines. There are different machines you can choose from, whether you are new to the platform or not, it's sure you will find and choose an investment machine that suit you. 
When you download, install the app, and sign up, you will immediately see all the available machines which you can select the one that is suitable for you. The minimum you can invest is 600 naira which will give daily income of 39 naira, you can only invest in this machine once and it will run for 2 days and it is mainly for new users who wants to test to see how the platform works. 
For a better understanding and for those who will see this article in the future, below are the investment machines, amount to invest in each and the daily incomes. 

1: Bulldozer

Amoun to purchase: 600 naira. 
Daily income: 39 naira, valid for 2 days. 

Like already said, this is the minimum you can invest when you join the platform, and you can only invest in it once. If you're a new users, and you are interested in the platform, this will help you get started and help you learn more to know how the platform works and how reliable it is. 

2: Excavator

Amount to purchase: 1,000 naira.
Daily income: 40 naira valid for 5 days.
Total investment return: Capital+profits - giving a total of 1,200 naira.

3: Roadroller:

Amount to purchase: 1,500 naira.
Daily income: 67.5 naira, valid for 15 days.
Total investment return: Capital+profits - giving a total of 2,512.5 naira.

4: High pressure grouting equipment:

Amount to purchase: 50,000 naira.
Daily income: 4,000 naira valid for 60 days.
Total investment return: Capital+profits - giving a total of 290,000 naira.

There are many other investments machines in which you can choose, it will depend on how much is in your pocket. While we were going through the platform, we found other machines you can invest from 200,000 naira.

Other ways to earn on the platform:

1: Referral program:

If you love referring people to a platform, and if you have the skills of referring people, this app called large engineering also offer a referral program to help you boost your income as a member. You can earn more benefits by sharing your referral link and inviting interested people to also invest. To get started, after you have logged in to your account, you can click on the "invite" button and it will redirect you to a page where you can copy both your referral code and your referral link. This simply means you can decide to give out your code for someone to use and sign up if you don't want to register the person through your link.

But let's advise you: We do not advise you to refer people to a platform like this, however, if you are really interested in the referral program, we recommend you explain clearly to the person you want to refer before he or she register and make a deposit. We will still discuss and make it clear to you the main reason why you should not refer people.

2: Daily checkin:

You can earn little everyday when you login to the app and click on the daily checkin button, when you click, it will take you in and you will then receive the reward of the day. But of course, this is not to be counted among the earning options of the app since the checkin rewards worths nothing. But it is a great way the platform can reward you for having time to log in to the app daily.

Is large engineering legit or a scam investment platform?

We have seen more than 15 apps that looks exactly like this app called large engineering, it is sad to say this; any amount you invest with this platform is at your own risk. This is because we have seen more than 15 apps that looks exactly like this app, when this one disappear another appear, so it is sure this one will also disappear when it time comes and you might not be lucky enough to cash out your funds before it disappear.
If you were looking for a reliable investment platform to invest your money, we advise you to better find other way or keep your money in your bank account or use it to start a business, if you invest with this app, it might be your own turn to get scammed off your hard earned money.
Like said earlier, we have seen more than 15 clones of this app, when one disappears, another appears all with the same look with no difference.
If I may ask, where are the other ones? There was a popular one called tycoon retail including 99 cattle, where are they? Of course they have crashed. And like I said before, you might not be lucky enough to even withdraw part of your money before this one also crash.

Other things you should know before investing your money with this platform:

1: You can not withdraw earnings until the investment period is over.

If you try to invest with a particular machine of the app, you will discover that each of them has a validity period.
What are we trying to say?
There are some of the investment machines that once you select to invest, it can take 3 months for them to stop generating you daily income. That simply means you will not be able to withdraw any amount, be it the capital or the daily income until the 3 months are over.
If you want to invest money with any investment platform, we recommend you choose the one that you can withdraw at anytime, so that before they crash you have earned something rather than going empty handed.

Is large engineering paying?

Probably It can be paying but we can not guarantee you this. Like we already told you, if you were looking for an investment platform, this particular one might not be the right one for you to make money. We have not seen any withdrawal proves that the platform is paying.

Who can join Large engineering?

Large engineering is an investment platform that is only available in Nigeria, you might have seen it somewhere that the platform is from a US company, keep in mind that all are false and not true at all. This app is own by the citizens of Nigeria and it only supports Nigerians to register. If you are from other countries, this platform is not for you.
Keep in mind that this platform was launched since April 10th 2023, if you look for the app somewhere but you can not see, just know that it had crashed, because the app was still available at the time we published this article.