review: is legit or a scam app? is a mobile application that you can make money in three different ways, but the app is all about helping you make money by giving out your internet data in exchange for cash. is an application you can earn money from home by giving out your unused internet data for cash.
The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate, there are not much on the app. If you have enough data to waste, this might be an opportunity for you to earn extra cash on the side because pawns will pay you for allowing it to collect part of the data. However, does any of these means the app is legit? How can we be sure if pawns is safe to use? There are many scam apps out there, most of them once you install, they will start running in the background and try to spy on your personal information.
The worst part is that most apps like this often ends up paying nothing after collecting the internet data they claimed they will pay for.

Now before we get to conclude if is a safe app to use or a scam app to be far from, let's first get to discover how you can really make money on it.

Ways to earn money on

1: By giving out your unused internet data for cash:

This is the main way you can make money on the app, like already said, if you're the type that always have access to the Internet, be it through WiFi or mobile data, will create you an opportunity to make money everyday for allowing it to have access to your internet connection. 
To start benefitting from this opportunity, the first thing to do is to download the app and get it installed on your device, immediately after registration will automatically gain access to Internet connection and you will see it on your device notification bar that you are already earning.
In case you misunderstand, let me make it clear to you that will not work until you're connected to the internet. That simply means you will not earn this way if you are offline. 
Once you install the app and grant it all the necessary permissions including running in background, you will start earning each time you turn on your data or wifi connection. And once you go offline the app will pause itself and wait till you get online before it start running again.
One thing you should know is that, to make the most out of this opportunity, you will have to grant it permission to run in the background and to automatically start itself each time you reboot your device, this way you will not have any problem logging in to the app all the time to enable it.

Why you should grant permission to run in the background: needs permission to run in the background, most Android devices features battery optimizer, these optimizer monitors other apps on the device and once they finds out there is any of them that is running in the background and heating up the device they close.
When you grant permission to run in the background it means your device battery optimizer will not be able to turn it off if it heat up your device, but you should also know that such action can shorten your device battery life.

Other ways you can earn money on

1: Answering surveys:

In today's world, earning money has become an essential aspect of our lives. With the advancement of technology, there are various ways to earn money online. One such platform is, which also offers users the opportunity to earn money by answering surveys. is an app that also enable users to earn money by participating in surveys. The app has a user-friendly interface and is straightforward to use. All you need to do is sign up on the app and click on the survey button to start answering the available surveys. The surveys are created by various companies who want to gather feedback from their customers. acts as a mediator between the companies and the users.

One of the advantages of using is that it is entirely free to use. Users do not need to pay anything to sign up or participate in surveys. Additionally, the app ensures the privacy of its users' data and only shares it with the companies conducting the surveys.

2: Referral program:

You can make much money even more than what you earns daily from through it referral program, the app creates users the opportunity to earn by sharing their referral link and inviting others to join the app. Of course to earn big from this referral program is not that easy. To start earning you will have to login to your account and navigate to the "invite friends" section of your account and copy your referral link.
You can share your referral link with those who are interested in also earning from opportunity like this.

For every valid user you invite to join, you will earn $1. However, the benefits does not stop right there, you will also earn 10% commission of what he or she earns daily. That simply means if the person you invited is earning $1 per day, you will also earn 10% of $1. Although this does not seem much, but gradually you can earn more and if you manage to get more referrals.

For the $1 I mentioned earlier, you can only get it by the time the person you invited want to cash out. This simply means you will have to refer real interested people who will use the app till they reach the points to cash out so that you can earn your $1.

And for you, if you haven't joined the app yet, this will be an opportunity for you to earn one dollar which will help you get started and close to the withdrawal threshold. If you join the app through someone's referral link you will earn a $1 welcome reward, but if you don't join through someone's referral link, there will be no welcome reward. So it is advisable to join through a referral link. Click Here to join through our link and earn a welcome reward.

Keep in mind that this article is not a sponsored article and we do not partake in the platform's referral program. The reason for the referral link you see here is to help you earn the welcome reward. However, you can decide not to join through the link if you do not feel good about it. withdrawal options:

If you're considering using to earn some extra cash, you might be wondering how you'll get paid for your efforts. The good news is that the payment process is quite simple and straightforward.

Once you've earned some money on the platform, it will be credited to your account. You can withdraw your earnings once you've reached the payout threshold of $5, which is lower compared to the threshold of many other similar sites.

When it comes to payment options, you'll have a few different choices. You can choose to receive your earnings via PayPal, Bitcoin, or virtual gift cards. The specific gift cards available to you will depend on the country you live in. In some countries, there might only be Visa virtual gift cards or no gift card options at all, while in others, you'll have a choice of over 50 different gift cards.

It's worth noting that does charge a processing fee for some payout options. If you choose to receive your earnings via PayPal, you'll be charged a 4% fee. However, some gift cards are available without any processing fees, so you'll need to weigh up your options and choose the best payment method for your needs.

Overall, offers a convenient and simple way to earn some extra money by selling your unused bandwidth. With low payout thresholds and a range of payment options available, it's a great option for anyone looking to make some extra cash without too much effort.

Is legit or scam? is legit and safe to use, you can make money on it, as far as you manage to get to the withdrawal threshold you will be able to redeem your earnings.
If you wanted to know if is a legit app to make extra cash on the side, the answer is yes and the app is also safe to use, but beware that your data may run out quickly than usual immediately you start using

Who can join is available in all countries, no matter where you are, you can sign up and start benefitting from this opportunity.
But one thing you should know is that you may find it difficult to get surveys on the app depending on where in the world you live.
For example, if you live in the US, you may find enough daily surveys than other countries.
But your location will not affect how much you can earn for selling your internet data.
It doesn't matter where you live, you will be able to sign up and start benefitting from this opportunity.

Important thing to know about

May heat up your device:

Like I already said, will need permission to run in the background. If you always go online, will help you make money, but one thing you should know is that if you grant it permission to run in the background, it may shorten your device battery life.